Milwaukee Launches Lean, Quiet, Cordless Compressor

Updated: Mar. 02, 2023

Just because it's powerful enough to run your tools doesn't mean it needs to weigh a ton and make a racket.

When most people think of air compressors, they think of a bulky, loud machine. But modern technology has done a lot to make compressors smaller, lighter and quieter. That’s never been more obvious than in Milwaukee Tool’s new M18 FUEL™ 2 Gallon Compact Quiet Compressor.

Courtesy of Milwaukee Tool

What’s New?


The M18 FUEL Quiet Compressor is cordless, running exclusively on Milwaukee’s M18 battery platform. At this time there’s no option for a corded version, which may be a turn-off to some. When powered by Milwaukee’s highest output M18 battery, this compressor can drive up to 1,600 finish nails on a single charge. While it’s not strong enough to consistently power tools with high energy demands, it’s still more than powerful enough to run finish nailers, brad nailers and similar small scale tools.


Most of the time a construction jobsite is not the quietest place in the world. Any opportunity to reduce noise levels should be taken, if for no other reason than preserving workers’ hearing. This Quiet Compressor outputs about 68 A-weighted decibels. That’s about 20 less than a lawn mower, 10 less than a shop vac, and about the same as a normal conversation. So pros can use their tools without worrying about running a noisy, disruptive machine that annoys everybody around them.


This compressor is made to be as portable as possible. It’s got a lightweight but durable steel frame, with the handle on the side for better weight balance. It’s also designed to sit securely on top of Milwaukee’s rolling PACKOUT toolboxes, which makes porting it around even more manageable.


  • Compatible Tools: Inflation, finish nailers, brad nailers
  • Sound Level: 68dBA
  • Tank Capacity: Two gallons
  • Max PSI: 135
  • Weight: 31-1/4-lbs. (tool only)
  • Price: $349 (tool only)

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