Makita’s Line of Cordless Pro Cleaning Tools

Updated: Aug. 11, 2023

Everything you need to know about Makita's new line of cordless, pro-grade cleaning tools.

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Makita’s cordless cleaning lineup has appeal for both professional cleaners and property owners whose employees handle cleaning duties. Those target audiences know that time is money, and demand top-quality performance and reliability. The new Makita line covers five major categories, each one designed to serve a specific need for their customers.

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Backpack Vacuums

A classic choice for pros who clean multiple properties or multiple locations in a single site, such as cubicles or offices, cordless backpack vacuums provide mobility, power and ergonomic support. Up to 50% lighter than major competitors, Makita’s newest backpack vacuum has a two-stage HEPA filter and multiple power settings. So you always have the exact amount of performance you need, right when you need it.

Here are some helpful tips on cleaning a shop vacuum.

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Compact Vacuums

Perfect for quick cleaning and when storage space is tight, these compact vacuums still have the strength to tackle any cleaning project. Property owners will appreciate having multiple vacuums stored discretely on-site, allowing employees and occupants to deal with messes immediately without waiting for a weekly or after-hours cleaning crew. Pros likewise should like the convenience of hauling one less tool around. And the ability to store multiple vacuums in a single vehicle is perfect for teams of cleaners traveling from site to site.

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Canister Vacuums

A cordless canister vacuum provides more muscle and storage capacity than compact or backpack models. Makita has provided maximum flexibility by making these models adaptable to run on battery or AC power. That means no more stooping and struggling as you play leap-frog from outlet to outlet. And Makita’s battery chargers have an integrated fan, allowing for charge times up to three times faster than comparable brands.

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Robotic Vacuums

If you want to see something amazing, check out the savings calculator on Makita’s website. Even if a robot only reduces the amount of time employees spend vacuuming by a fraction, they typically pay for themselves within a year. A cleaning service can rent a cordless robot to a client, simplifying the workload while guaranteeing steady monthly income.

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The new Makita cleaning line isn’t limited to indoor use! Their cordless blowers make use of the same innovative technology as the other tools in this line, but with the pure blowing power to move leaves, debris and rubbish out of your way. Portable and quiet, these blowers are perfect for interior applications or cleaning companies who offer light exterior care.