How to Hang an Upside Down Christmas Tree

Updated: Oct. 24, 2023

Looking for a show-stopping holiday decoration? We'll show you how to defy gravity and hang an upside down Christmas tree from the ceiling.

If you’re the kind of person who’s always looking for a different way to decorate for the holidays, this upside down Christmas tree is for you. It’s an alternative Christmas tree that’s sure to “wow” your guests and thrill your family.

What Does an Upside Down Christmas Tree Mean?

An upside down Christmas tree is exactly what it sounds like: The top of the tree faces the floor and the bottom faces the ceiling. You can buy artificial upside down Christmas trees that rest on the floor in a base, or you can hang a real or artificial one from your ceiling.

Artificial trees are generally a better option because they come in several lightweight varieties. Plus, it’s much trickier to water a real tree mounted upside down. It may dry out quickly and pose a fire hazard.

When and Where Did They Get Started?

While evergreens have been an important part of winter solstice celebrations for hundreds of years, Christmas trees first appeared 16th century Germany. The origin of turning them upside down is a little murkier, however.

There are several myths about when and where the first upside down tree was displayed. Major department stores, however, have used upside down trees to entice customers while maintaining sales floor space for merchandise.

How Do You Hang an Upside Down Christmas Tree?

The first thing to decide is what kind of tree you want. Several fake trees come with a stand so that they can be mounted upside down. If you want to hang your tree from the ceiling, however, you’ll need to find a safe location first.

Depending on the weight of your tree, ceiling studs may not be your only choice. But we recommend an abundance of caution. Whether you opt for drywall screws or ceiling studs, make sure your tree is secured to its base, just as you would if it was right side up. Hanging it from the base gives you more anchor points on the ceiling.

You can also opt for a hook instead of screwing the base to the ceiling. But make sure the hook is secured to the ceiling and can handle the weight.

How to Decorate an Upside Down Christmas Tree

Decorating an upside down Christmas tree is similar to decorating a traditional one.

You can still wrap it in garlands and lights, as long as there’s an outlet nearby and the cord isn’t a tripping hazard. And you can still hang ornaments as long as they’re light and unbreakable. No one wants to clean up the shards of a beloved ornament that fell, and you definitely don’t want children or pets injuring themselves.

Why Upside Down Christmas Trees Are Actually Nice

Besides being unusual and eye-catching, upside down trees are also practical in smaller spaces. The widest part is closer to the ceiling, where there’s open space. And because the narrowest part is at the bottom with the presents, you can salvage some floor space, even if it’s a generous year.

Some Upside Down Christmas Tree Safety Tips


No matter how you mount it, be mindful of this. A heavy tree is a safety hazard. If it’s set up on the ground and it’s too heavy, it could fall. If you mount it on the ceiling, you’ll risk damage if it comes crashing down. The weight needs to include the decorations as well.


As with any Christmas decorations, cords can create a hazard. Don’t run them in any walking path, or next to any fireplaces or heaters. An upside down tree is a marvel; one that’s on fire is a nightmare.

If you have battery-powered lights, go with those to eliminate the need for cords entirely.

Drying out

It’s nearly impossible to hang a real tree safely because it’s so difficult to water. The drier your tree gets, the more of a fire hazard it poses. You’ll want to make sure to avoid Christmas tree fires. Unless you’re planning on buying, mounting, decorating and displaying your tree for a brief time, it’s probably best to opt for an artificial tree here.