DIY Your Own Fabric Flower Pot With This Crafty Trick

Updated: Aug. 25, 2023

You can make an adorable fabric flower pot just in time for Mother's Day or Easter. Here's how to DIY your own flower pot in an afternoon.

Spring is finally here, and you may be looking for some fun craft ideas for the holidays on the horizon. From spring break to Easter to Mother’s Day, one craft combines seasonal gardening with fresh, cheerful decor—a DIY cloth flower pot. This afternoon craft will give your flowers a cozy new home, and you can easily do it in a single afternoon.

Perfect for crafting on your own, with a best friend or with your kids, you’ll want to add this craft to your spring activity list. Here’s how to make a fabric flower pot that’ll highlight the beauty of spring blooms.

How to Make a Fabric Flower Pot

This fabric flower pot craft is a lovely choice for spring and makes a nice DIY Mother’s Day gift and a choice gift for gardeners. Thanks to TikTok creator Bigroof.Home (@bigroof.home), who posted a TikTok video of this fun DIY project, you can easily create your own flower pot following the same steps.

To make a fabric flower pot, you’ll submerge a cloth in wet cement, hang it over a curved glass jar and tie a string around the lip of the jar. While wet, you can trim the corners of the cloth to give the pot an edge. You’ll need to let the pot dry before removing it from the jar and officially using it as a flower pot.

@bigroof.home Creative flower pots made of cloth and cement #flower #pot #diy #garden ♬ original sound – Bigroof.Home

The video, which has garnered over 10,000 views as of publication, details the craft in a sped-up fashion, but below it’s broken down into actionable steps.

Tools You’ll Need

To complete this craft, you’ll need the following:

  • An empty, clean curved glass jar with the lid removed
  • A textured washcloth
  • Cement mix (quick-setting cement is best)
  • A stainless steel bowl or paint bucket (or a bowl that won’t get ruined from the cement mixture)
  • Water
  • A plastic spoon
  • A tarp, newspapers or plastic bags
  • A shoelace or thick twine
  • Latex gloves (to protect your hands)
  • Scissors
  • A plastic bottle that can support the upside-down jar


First, gather your materials and set up a space outdoors with the protective tarp, newspapers or plastic bags to do this craft. Undertaking this DIY flower pot inside isn’t recommended since you won’t want to spill any of the cement inside your home. From there, follow these easy steps:

  1. With your gloves on, put the cement mix in the bowl and stir it with water per the instructions on the package. (Tiktoker @bigroof.home uses a plastic spoon to mix with. If you don’t have one, use some other disposable utensil.)
  2. Once your cement is thoroughly mixed, use the plastic spoon to stir the washcloth into the cement. Make sure the cloth is soaked through before you take it out.
  3. Remove the washcloth from the bowl and lay it over the glass jar.
  4. Grab your shoelace and tie it just underneath the lip of the jar. The lace will soak up the cement mix, but if you want to add more by hand, that’s fine too. But don’t get it so saturated that it droops or clumps because you want the tie to dry like a bow.
  5. Holding the jar with the cloth upside down, use the scissors to trim the corners off, so you have an even lip on the pot.
  6. Next, place the upside-down jar on the plastic bottle and leave it to set and dry.
  7. When it’s completely set, remove the jar from the bottle and marvel at your handiwork.
  8. Wrap it up as a gift, give it complete with fresh flowers or put it in your own garden.

Remember, if you want to make more than one of these, it’s easy to do them all simultaneously. Just gather the extra materials and make sure you have enough space to dry multiple pots.

If your mom isn’t big on gardening (or flowers), don’t sweat it. There are Mother’s Day gifts for every type of mom, from bathtub bibliophiles to crafty types to eco-friendly composters. If you need more help finding DIY gift ideas, take a look at these 30 easy DIY gifts for moms.