This DIY Outdoor Daybed Is Perfect for Elevating Your Outdoor Space

Updated: May 26, 2023

It's perfect for summer!

Whenever summer makes its way to us, all we can think about is getting as much sun as possible. If you’re one of those lucky few to have a daybed, you know there’s nothing better than curling up on it with a good book and soaking in the rays. Building an outdoor daybed, however, can seem like a huge undertaking.

Well, TikTok has a solution for that! Put away that patio furniture—here’s how to build your own DIY outdoor daybed on your balcony (or porch or deck!) with the simplest of tools. The best part? It’s renter-friendly!

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How One Creator Built This DIY Outdoor Daybed

@tastebytal DIY OUTDOOR DAYBED ☀️🛏️🍹🌴 all you need is: cinder blocks, plywood, a twin mattress (+outdoor mattress cover), and pillows 🫶 #diy #diyoutdoorproject #diyoutdoordaybed #outdoordaybed #diyoutdoorfurniture #chaiselounge #fyp ♬ All I Want Is You – Disco Lines

TikTok creator @tastebytal shows us how she built this bed in a quick video. All you need are some cinderblocks, plywood, a twin mattress (with an outdoor mattress cover) and some fun cushions and pillows of your choice! First, she lays the cinderblocks down to give the bed a base, then puts the plywood on top of it. She also adds a thin sheet of plywood in the front to ensure the cinderblocks aren’t visible. Next, she puts a comfy-looking mattress on top—with a protector—and then adds matching cushions for back support. Finally, she tops it off with some cute pillows. We can’t believe how beautiful the end result looks!

You can find cinderblocks at hardware and home improvement stores like The Home Depot, along with plywood. As for the mattress cover, cushions and pillows, you have endless options—be as creative as you like!

Tips for This DIY Build

You’ll need to measure your own balcony for the mattress as well as the plywood. A twin mattress may not fit all balconies—but if you have gaps, you can always add a little table or other ways to fill them in. If the gaps make the cinderblocks visible from either side, consider adding another sheet of plywood there too. Make sure your cinderblocks are well balanced before adding the plywood—and ask for help if you need it, especially when it comes to carrying around the cinderblocks!

This daybed hack may also work for outdoor areas other than balconies, like patios and lanais. Just make sure to get the measurements and grab some extra plywood to cover the sides!

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