Keep your home safe from unwanted intruders with these DIY home security projects and tips.

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    The Complete Home Safe Buying Guide

    A home safe is a big purchase. Learn about common safe features for a smooth shopping process.

    Vintage Family Handyman Feature: Home Safety Products from the ’80s

    In celebration of Family Handyman's 70th Anniversary, take a look back at this article on home safety products from 1982.

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    Vintage Family Handyman Feature from 1986: New Home Security Products

    In 1951, Family Handyman published its first magazine. We're celebrating our 70th anniversary with some of our favorite vintage content.

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    14 Creepy Things Google Knows About You

    You're not gonna believe all the info Google has on you...but it's true. And here's what you can do about...

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    11 Home Security Mistakes That Put You at Risk

    No matter where you live, you must address home security sooner or later. Will you do so before or after...

    10 Tech Myths You Need to Stop Believing

    Your old phone is worthless. Privacy mode protects your privacy. Charging your device all day is bad for its battery...

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    Best Home Safes Security Experts Use in Their Homes

    These are the best home safes to protect your personal items from everything from burglars to catastrophes.

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    7 Red Flags Someone Is Stealing Your WiFi

    Having an outside party steal your WiFi can be inconvenient and frustrating at best, harmful to you and your household...

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    Use This Trick If Someone Is Stealing Your Mail

    Do you have a sneaking suspicion that some of your mail is being picked up by thieves? Here's how you...

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    Deals We Love: Smart Home Devices

    Controlling entry into your home and lighting from anywhere provides convenience and peace of mind.

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    23 DIY Hacks to Burglar-Proof Your Home

    You don’t need to spend a fortune to keep burglars at bay. Here are some inexpensive (yet very effective!) DIY...

    15 Tips to Prevent Tools From Getting Stolen

    Power tool theft is on the rise because thieves no longer need a pawnshop to get rid of stolen goods;...

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    Create a Dream Home Theater With Amazon Prime Day Deals

    Prime Day is right around the corner but it's especially exciting when Amazon announces early deals that are available right...

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    12 Everyday Items That Can Be HUGE Security Risks

    Unfortunately, in today's super-connected world your personal information is at a higher risk than ever. But adjusting some of your...

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    6 Best Motion Sensor Cameras for Your Home

    No matter what your needs, there's a motion sensor camera for you. Here are our top picks.

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    How to Install and Connect a Google Nest Hello Doorbell

    See who's knocking on your door — the smart way.

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    5 Best Outdoor Security Cameras

    These are the best outdoor security cameras on the market. Check out their features and decide which is the best...

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    22 Secrets a Locksmith Won’t Tell You

    Locksmiths reveal their best trade secrets.

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    Deals We Love: Exterior Security

    Shorter days and longer nights mean outdoor lighting is a hot commodity right now.

    Best Apartment Security Systems for 2020

    Even if you're a renter, you have options if you're looking for a comprehensive apartment security system that's wireless and...

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    Best Wireless Security Cameras for 2020

    There are a lot of wireless security cameras on the market. Here are the best indoor, outdoor, budget, and smart...

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    What to Know About Home Security Systems

    Are home security systems worth the cost?

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    How to Protect Your Home Security Camera From Being Hacked

    Security cameras that are online are easy to hack. Here's how to stop a breach before it happens.

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    What to Know About ADT Security Systems

    Here's everything your need to know before choosing an ADT security system for your home.

    6 Ways to Protect Your Smart Home Devices

    The devices in your smart home may be vulnerable, but they don't have to be. We talked to cyber security...

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    Canary: Why It’s One of the Most Popular Smart Home Security Systems Available

    If you're looking for a self-sufficient home security system and don't need every available bell and whistle, Canary may be...

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    The Pros and Cons of Two-Step Verification

    Two-step verification (2FA) is a way to protect yourself from hackers and identity theft. It sounds complicated, but it's actually...