Go greener with these sustainable living tips and tricks for how to make your house more environmentally friendly.

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8 Small Cabin Ideas for Off-Grid Living

Enjoy modern luxuries while living a more secluded lifestyle with these off-grid small cabin ideas.

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A Guide To Sustainable Gardening

Let nature make your gardening easier so it's better for your health, your community and the planet. Here's how.

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Here’s How to Use Coffee Grounds to Make Your Plants Thrive

Your guide to the do's and don'ts of using coffee grounds for growing healthier plants

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How To Compost in an Apartment

Make a home for friendly worms and learn other ways to easily and successfully compost food scraps in your apartment.

What Is Guerrilla Gardening?

The controversial activist practice is rooted in the fight for climate justice.

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Guide To Growing Succulents

After successfully nurturing the little succulent on your desk, you're ready to learn how to grow succulents outdoors. We're here...

The Best Greenhouse Kits on Sale for Helping Your Plants Thrive

No matter what space or budget you're working with, there's a greenhouse deal for you. Shop the 10 best, handpicked...

Could Peecycling Help Struggling Farmers?

Some say peecycling—saving and donating your urine—could be a solution to the worldwide fertilizer shortage and the global food crisis.

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How To Certify Your Yard as a Wildlife Refuge

Here's how to transform your yard into a wildlife sanctuary, and score a nifty plaque to keep your neighbors from...

Laundry Detergent Sheets to Make Everything Smell Fresh

The days of excessive plastic packaging are coming to an end with the help of these companies and eco-friendly laundry...

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Here’s How To Get Paid To Upgrade Your Home

Need a new water heater or thinking about solar? You can get money for that. Here's how to take advantage...

Can You Use Kitty Litter To Get Rid of Old Paint Cans?

What's the best way to dispose of old paint? TikTok says you can dry it out with kitty litter. Does...

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What Are GMOs? What To Know

Soon gardeners might have to decide whether or not to go GMO. Here's what you need to know to make...

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15 Ways To Use Fireplace Ash

You don't need to throw out your fireplace wood ash. Try these savvy ways to use it.

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5 Tips for Charging Your Electric Vehicle in Winter

Cold weather weakens an EV battery, increasing recharging times and lowering driving range. Here's what you need to know.

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What Is Green Cleaning?

Some chemicals in our cleaning products contribute to health problems and harm nature. Here's what to know about the benefits...

Honor Your Eco-Friendly Resolutions (and Your Wallet) with These Gardening Sales

Greenhouses are a spectacular way to continue tending to crops well into the winter. Shop these garden sales to stock...

The 6 Best Basement Odor Eliminators

Don't just accept those weird smells lurking underground! Find the best basement odor eliminator to make everything smell as fresh...

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What Is a Rain Chain?

Once you discover the beauty of water flowing down a rain chain, you'll look at your own house to figure...

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The 10 Best Plants for an Indoor Herb Garden

Once you have success with a few easy-to-grow indoor herbs, you'll start looking for more to grow and cook with!

Stop Throwing Away Your Old Christmas Lights. Here’s How to Recycle Them Instead.

Holiday lights aren't working anymore? Think twice before throwing them in the trash. Here's how to recycle old Christmas lights...

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10 Must-Have Indoor Plants To Liven Up Your Entryway

Refresh your entryway with a new houseplant or two. There are lots of options to choose from depending on the...

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8 Ways Conserving Hot Water Can Reduce High Utility Bills

From simple changes in habits to water heater upgrades, here's how to save money this winter on your energy and...

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Vehicles

Lower prices and improved technology are making electric vehicles increasingly popular. If you're considering buying an EV, here's what you...

How To Buy a Heat Pump in 2024

New energy incentives make this a great time to install or upgrade a heat pump.

How To Grow Microgreens Indoors

Microgreens add nutrition and freshness to any meal, and they are easy and quick to grow without a lot of...

What To Know About Cleaning Solar Panels

Solar panels need to be clean to deliver optimal performance, and rain won't do the job. Find out how to...

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How To Install a Solar Power System in a Van Camper

What to expect when outfitting your vehicle with off-grid capabilities, including solar roof panels, a charge controller and a battery...

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What You Need to Know About Bamboo Toilet Paper

If you don't like the idea of chopping down forests to make toilet paper, consider switching to an alternative: bamboo...