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Go greener with these green living tips and tricks for how to make your house more environmentally friendly.

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What to Know About Replacing Gas Appliances in Your Home

From heat pumps to induction stoves, here are the appliances you can install to switch away from gas — and pitfalls to watch out for.

The Benefits of Using Crushed Seashells in Your Soil

Are crushed seashells the answer for improving your garden soil? Under the right conditions, they might be just what you...

Beginner’s Guide to Carnivorous Houseplants

A plant enthusiast's guide to three of the most common species of carnivorous houseplants, as well as their unusual needs

How To Conserve Your Pool Water This Summer

Reduce swimming pool water loss with these pro tips, good in the summer and year-round.

What Is an Electric Composter and How Does It Work?

Electric composters are a recent innovation with a promising future. Now you can compost at home in small spaces with...

Is Recycling Plastic Even Worth It?

Most of our plastic isn't getting recycled. Here are some easy ways we can help fix that.

Growing and Caring for a Pothos Plant

A houseplant mainstay for decades, there's nothing to dislike about a hardy and graceful pothos plant. Here's how to grow...

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How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

This often-asked question doesn't have a simple answer, but our explanation of the factors that determine solar panel cost can...

Four Best Greenhouse Plastics

Greenhouses covered with glass can be beautiful. But for the DIY gardener, greenhouse plastic is a more practical option.

How to Tell Real Leather vs. Fake Leather

Beautiful, natural things, like leather, pearls and granite, are often imitated. And sometimes the less expensive faux version is the...

7 Best Fertilizers for Houseplants

Houseplants rely on you for the nutrients they need to remain healthy. Choose the best fertilizer for your houseplants and...

Everything You Need To Know About Watering Houseplants

With a little know-how, even a rookie can keep the thirstiest houseplants hydrated and happy.

Rain Barrels: How To Collect Rain Water

Rain barrels are fairly easy to set up and can provide benefits to you and the environment. Here are some...

Greenhouses & Acreage

The projects and features in our greenhouse and acreage package are a modernized take on living on and with the...

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15 Things to Look for When Buying Land

Owning a piece of land and getting away from it all sounds great, but you have some homework to do...

Why Are Cities Banning Natural Gas in New Construction?

As we adapt for a greener, healthier future, electric heat pumps and induction cooking are becoming more popular.

Solar Power Leads Latest Federal Push for Clean Energy

The president and his administration are looking to get clean energy initiatives back on track in the U.S. Here's how.

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No Job Is too Tough for Family Handyman Approved Grime Hand Soap

A fiercely degreasing hand soap that's still gentle on your skin?  Give this Family Handyman Approved Grime Hand Soap a...

I Tried Amazon’s Top Rated Outdoor Composter

This rotating compost bin makes spinning my garden's favorite treat easier than ever — and it churns out more compost.

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Brighten Up Any Project with the Family Handyman Approved Nebo Omni 2k Work Light

Looking for an addition to your toolbox that shines? Try the compact, bright and long-lasting Nebo Omni 2k work light.

We Tried This Innovative Brush That Makes Cleaning Vinyl Siding a Breeze

Looking for an eco-friendly way to clean your vinyl siding? Give the American-made Siding Brush a try.

What Is Greenwashing and How Is It Used in DIY and Building?

Is that flooring really sustainable or that cleaner actually free from harmful chemicals? Here's how to tell if a product...

How To Quarantine Plants

Like sick people, sick plants need special care. Here's how to quarantine plants, so your collection of greenery stays healthy...

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What To Know About Community Solar and Net Metering

Rooftop PV panels aren't the only way to take advantage of solar energy.

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11 Clever Ways To Repurpose Takeout Containers

From seed trays to canine hydration on the go, here are some ideas for what to do with all of...

Are Christmas Trees Bad for the Environment?

Is one of our most classic holiday traditions harming the earth?

3 Best Smart Toilets for the Tech-Loving Homeowner

A smart toilet could change the way you see your bathroom. Here are a few of the best options on...

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Can You Recycle Wrapping Paper (And What Kinds)?

Is wrapping paper recyclable? Good question! Here's how to figure out which kinds of wrapping paper go in the recycle...