Go greener with these sustainable living tips and tricks for how to make your house more environmentally friendly.

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5 Best Electric Composters to Turn Food Into Fertilizer

Convert food waste into nutrient-rich soil with the best electric composters.

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Can You Turn a Shed Into a Tiny Home? Here’s What to Know

Thinking about building a tiny home, or converting an existing structure? Our expert tells you what you need to know.

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How To Keep Your Spring Cleaning Green

It's liberating to clear the clutter, especially without harsh chemicals or feeding the landfill. Here's how to keep your spring...

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5 Types of Sustainable Home Insulation

Besides protecting the environment, these sustainable home insulation options will improve the energy efficiency of your home.

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Are DIY Solar Panels Worth It?

Setting up a whole-house solar panel array may sound DIYable, but a pro explains why you'll get more out of...

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Beginner’s Guide to Rainwater Harvesting

Find out how you can cut your water bills and live more sustainably by implementing a rainwater harvesting system.

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3 Eco-Friendly Heating Systems for Your Home in 2024

Whether you're replacing your HVAC system or adding more heat in your spare room, here's how to make it ultra...

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Grampa’s Weeder: The Ultimate Tool for Effortless Weed Removal

While gardening is a form of therapy for me, the weeds are discouraging and overwhelming. But after trying...

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What to Know About Home Wind Turbines

If you've got enough wind to spin a turbine, you have a source of clean energy. Taking advantage of it...

We Tried the Craftsman Electric Lawn Mower, a Riding Mower for Tight Spaces

Ready to take the plunge and go battery-powered? We tested the Craftsman electric lawn mower–here’s what we thought.

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Should You Invest in a Solar-Powered Attic Fan?

A solar-powered attic fan costs nothing to operate, but that doesn't necessarily make it a good investment. It depends on...

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Beginner’s Guide to Rainwater Collection (With Top 7 Benefits)

Sustainable, economical and increasingly vital. Here's why rainwater collection is trending, and what to know about using it in your...

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10 Sustainable Fabrics for Your Home

From bamboo sheets to yoga rugs made from recycled Indian saris, learn which sustainable fabrics can green up your home...

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How To Make Your Bathroom More Sustainable

Your bathroom might be small, but chances are it's an environmental calamity. Here are some practical ways to green it...

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The Biggest Ways To Cut Your Carbon Footprint Might Surprise You

Read on to learn the most powerful personal actions you can take. Spoiler alert: Recycling and home solar are not...

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These 10 Sustainable Home Technologies Will Change the Way We Live

From food-spoiler apps to self-healing concrete, it's an exciting time for home tech. Here are some new products in the...

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Where To Get Rid of Your Old Stuff

It's time to hit the refresh button on clutter. Here's where to sell and donate your old stuff, including the...

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What Is Biophilic Design and How Can You Incorporate It?

Integrating nature into our living spaces makes us feel happier. Here's what to know about bringing biophilic design into your...

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If You Want to Support Your Local Wildlife, Plant This

The humble milkweed feeds dozens of animals and insects, enriching your local ecosystem.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Put Up Honey Bee Hives

Honey bees are a worthy hobby for some. But if conservation is your goal, you're buzzing around the wrong hive.

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You Should Be Using a Bidet Instead of Toilet Paper

Incredibly sanitary and cost-effective, bidets are an excellent choice for many people.

Why You Should Never Use Floral Foam

Plus, five alternatives to use instead!

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How To Make Compost at Home

Your kitchen scraps and yard waste provide free fertilizer, just waiting to be made. Here's how.

Solitary Bees: Nature’s Unsung Heroes

Honey bees get all the attention, while solitary bees do most of the work. Let's give solitary bees their day...

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What Is an Ecological Footprint?

What we do at home affects forests, fish and other nature around the world. Here's what to know about ecological...

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Here’s Why ‘Shark Tank’ Loves First Saturday Lime to Keep Bugs at Bay

Keep bugs away from your pets, yard and vegetables with First Saturday Lime.

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9 Tips on Where To Donate Furniture

Wondering what to do with that old sofa, rocking chair or desk? This collection of options can get your stuff...

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Is PVC Pipe Safe?

PVC is affordable and versatile for home plumbing, but some health advocates warn against it. Here's what to know about...

Sustainability Techniques for Modern Home Builds

Find out how the construction industry champions sustainability with these cutting-edge building techniques.

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How Does the Solar Panel Tax Credit Work?

The new incentive program makes solar energy more affordable than ever for property owners. Here's how to take advantage of...

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What Is a Hybrid Inverter?

A solar inverter converts low-voltage direct current to grid-voltage alternating current. A hybrid inverter also does that, and a whole...