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Trash Bag Dispenser

You can build a simple dispenser for your trash bags using 1/2-inch pipe and a few fittings. Screw a floor flange to the cabinet and assemble the rest.

Cardboard Box Bag Dispenser

Cut a hole in a box so you can pull out one bag at a time. It's perfect for pet...

Wine Box Shoe Storage

Designed to protect fragile glass bottles, a wine box is perfect for storing shoes because it comes equipped with cardboard...

Paper Towel Roll Bag Storage

Stuff as many plastic grocery bags as possible into an empty paper towel roll. Then toss the roll in a...

Paper Towel Roll Boot Shaper

Before packing up your tall boots and storing them away for the season, slide one or two empty paper towel...

15 Tips for Storing Your Winter Sports Gear

Whether you strap on the skis for a trip down the mountain or lace up your skates for a game...

Clever Tool Storage: Drill Bits and Other Pointy Tools

Try this quick, simple solution to workbench clutter

Organizing a Tool Belt

A $30 tool belt, organized with the proper tools, allows you to work faster with better results.

DIY Mudroom Storage Cubby Plans

Cure back-door chaos!

Storing Your Compact Compressor

Save floor space and get organized with this sturdy compressor stand

Garage Storage: Backdoor Storage Center

Get clutter off the floor and out of the house with these 5 quick storage solutions

Installing Large Garage Cabinets

With this 2x2 frame and panel system, you can add 80-plus cubic feet of storage in an afternoon