Warm Boots, Happy Feet: Introducing the DryGuy Boot Dryer

Updated: Mar. 17, 2023

There’s nothing worse than putting on a damp pair of shoes to start your day. Luckily, the DryGuy Boot Dryer is here to help you stay comfortable (and dry) all year round.

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A DryGuy boot dryer is an essential tool to add to your workwear and play gear. Surprisingly, most weatherproof boots tend to get wet, even if you buy the best work boots. And if you have insulated or leather footwear? They can take days to dry out completely.

Skiers have been using boot dryers for years, but plenty of others can benefit from using one. If you have sweaty footwear inclined to stink, the DryGuy helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria. So long, stinky sneakers and drenched gardening shoes!

Over 10,000 Amazon customers, workers, hunters and athletes agree: The DryGuy boot dryer is the only way to start the day. Check out what we really think about this crowd-pleasing dryer.

What is the DryGuy Boot Dryer?

The DryGuy is more than a boot dryer; it safely dries gloves, garments and shoes for the entire family. The four tubes circulate air and heat, drying even the wettest work boots in just a few hours.

To get started, plug in the machine, turn it on, then put your wet items over the tubes and let it do its magic. The heat is a gentle 105 degrees, so you can be sure it won’t harm leather, rubber or fabrics.

We especially like that this unit can dry two pairs of shoes or boots simultaneously. It also has a pair of 16-inch removable extenders to accommodate extra-tall muck boots. Additionally, the DryGuy Dryer is powered by a whisper-quiet motor, has a three-hour timer and can be used with or without heat. We’re fans (pun intended)!

Properly drying your footwear prolongs its lifespan, deters fungus spread and keeps them smelling fresh. Using a DryGuy Dryer keeps your boots dry and your feet happy.

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  • Dries wet footwear, garments and gloves
  • Reduces odor and bacteria growth
  • Can dry as many as four items at once
  • Includes removable tubes for taller boots
  • Timer included
  • Lightweight and easy to move


  • Design on timer knob is subpar

The Best Amazon Reviews 

Amazon customer, Trevor Solberg says, “An Outdoorsman’s Dream! I used this boot dryer during some demanding military training. Needless to say, my boots/feet were wet a lot! Once I got back from a long day/week in the field, I would put my boots and gloves on the dryer, and about 90 minutes later, they were perfectly dry! Highly recommend for anyone who spends a lot of time in the elements!”

Ashley appreciates how the DryGuy fights odors saying, “My husband has sweaty feet. This is a perfect solution. We started with a brand new pair, he put them on the dryer every day after work, and they don’t smell! His old boots were rancid. This thing is great.”

Kelsee Loree McCutcheon, recently wrote, “We’ve had our boot dryer for 2 years and it still works as if it’s brand new! It dries quick and its not noisy at all! My husband uses it every day in the wet winter months!!”

Where to Buy the DryGuy Boot Dryer

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Treat your feet and expensive footwear the right way with the DryGuy Boot Dryer. Purchase yours at Ace, REI, or Amazon today!

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