8 Best Boot Dryers

Updated: Apr. 17, 2024

Working in wet conditions is tough, and there's no reason to make it worse by wearing wet boots! Here's a roundup of some great boot dryers.

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8 Best Boot Dryers Ecomm Via Drysure.co
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Buying a Boot Dryer

There are few things more annoying than putting on shoes or boots still wet from the last time you wore them. Besides the obvious discomfort, excessive moisture can damage the boot material, generate unpleasant odors and lead to conditions such as athlete’s foot.

A boot dryer can help you avoid these headaches. These clever devices speed up drying, reduce odors and (when used correctly) prolong the life of your shoes and boots. While commercial-grade boot dryers are pricey, consumer models can be affordable and effective.

Here are some key considerations when shopping for a boot dryer:

  • Forced air or passive: Most boot dryers rely on forced air, often directed with a fan or compressor, to remove moisture from the boot material. Passive dryers simply heat the air and allow its natural rise to create circulation. Silica dryers don’t rely on air movement at all; they utilize a static material that absorbs moisture. But they’re significantly slower than forced-air dryers and can only absorb so much moisture.
  • Heated or not: Some dryers move air through the boot, while others also heat the air. Heat helps combat mold growth and speeds drying time, but it adds to the purchase and operating cost of the dryer.
  • Size: Some boot dryers have a single pair of air outlets, one for each foot. Others can dry multiple pairs of shoes, as well as gloves, mittens, hats and other items. If you’re buying for a family, consider how many boots may need to be dried at once.
  • Features and accessories: Some dryers come with additional features and accessories, such as auto-off timers or hose extensions. Others control temperature or air flow. A few bring in additional elements like UV light to help kill germs. All are nice to have but not essential to the core function of drying your boots.
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Green Glove Dryer For Hats Shoes Ecomm Via Amazon via amazon.com

Best Boot Dryer Using Your Home’s HVAC

If you were ever told to leave your boots and mittens over an HVAC register as a child, then you’re already familiar with the technology behind this Green Glove Dryer Boot Dryer. It sits over a floor or baseboard HVAC register, redirecting the forced air into your boots.

With no fan or heater of its own, this is an extremely affordable option. It breaks down easily to fit in a travel bag, and the twist-lock nozzle design keeps all the pieces where they should be. The Green Glove Dryer was invented and manufactured in Michigan.

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Cabela Original Peet Boot Dryer Ecomm Via Basspro via basspro.com

Best Boot Dryer Warranty

The Peet Boot Dryer uses slow-moving, warm air to deodorize and dry your boots. It’s a strong choice for a home boot dryer. But what really sets this U.S.-made product apart from its competitors is the warranty β€” a staggering 25 years!

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Dryguy Dx Forced Air Boot Dryer And Garment Dryer Ecomm Via Amazon via amazon.com

Best Boot Dryer for Add-Ons

The DryGuy Force Dry DX Boot Dryer comes packed with options and features, and the optional add-ons really make it excel. The forced-air base unit ships with four drying tubes and a rotary blower. It has a three-hour timer and works with heated or non-heated air (temperature set to 105 F).

That’s great if you just want to dry shoes, low-heel boots and gloves. But if you have taller boots, the optional extender lets you dry boots up to 16 inches tall. And the wader adapter features flared bottoms to accommodate their unique shape. DryGuy also offers a wader extension, stretching wet waders out to their full length and minimizing dry time.

Most other dryers that accept tall boots and waders come with all those accessories bundled in, making for a convenient but expensive purchase. The DryGuy DX allows you to customize your order and only pay for the add-ons you need.

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Dry Guy Travel Dry Dx Boot Ecomm Via Rei via rei.com

Best Boot Dryer for Travel

Of course, you may need a boot dryer while on the road. Or maybe you don’t want to dedicate space to a boot dryer every day. Instead, try out the DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer.

This streamlined dryer slips into your boots and plugs into a standard 110V wall outlet. A fan in the toe of the unit draws air over the heating element, letting most shoes or boots dry out within two to five hours. It consumes only 13 watts of power.

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Kendal Shoes Boots Gloves Ecomm Via Amaxon via amazon.com

Best Wall-Mounted Boot Dryer

The Kendal SI-SD06G Boot Dryer may look a little like a jellyfish, but it’s actually an amazing boot dryer! It uses what the manufacturer calls “aroma active carbon” to pull odors out of the circulating air.

We think this forced-air, heat-optional model looks great as a wall-mount, but it can also sit on a bench or the floor. It comes with a three-hour timer and high/low temperature setting, and only weighs 3-1/2-lbs.

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Peet Multi Dryer Ecomm Via Peetdryer via peetdryer.com

Best Glove and Boot Dryer

The Peet Multi-Dryer has the same basic design as the Peet Boot Dryer we told you about earlier. And it’s true that you can always slip gloves over most boot dryer stands. But the Peet Multi-Dryer stands out because its design β€” it looks like a hand β€” targets effective glove drying.

Gloves slip over the risers. The individual fingers allow heated air to rise naturally and reach every inch of the glove. Like the other Peet Dryer, this model also comes with a 25-year warranty. (Note that Peet also offers forced air models with a fan; these have a much shorter warranty period.)

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Rustic Boot Dryer Ecomm Via Custombootdryers via custombootdryers.com

Best Boot Dryer for Interior Design

Most residential boot dryers are plastic devices that don’t really add much charm to your home. The Rustic Boot Dryer from Dry-X Inc. adds some warmth with classic rustic wood style.

This U.S.-made dryer ships with semi-gloss poly on white pine. But it’s also customizable and come in a range of sizes (two, four or six pair). This is the most expensive dryer on this list by far, but it sure looks really cool.

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Drysure Active Black Orange Dryer Ecomm Via Drysure via drysure.co

Best Silica Gel Boot Dryer

British-manufactured Drysure Boot Dryer silica inserts dry boots up to 12 times faster than unaided air drying. These slip into your shoes and wick moisture like a sponge. They use the same technology as the small packs of silica that come with many humidity-sensitive tools.

These silica gel boot dryers don’t require electricity, and remove moisture from clothes and shoes fast enough to slow bacteria growth. They are also reusable. Simply lay them on a radiator, in an oven or in direct sunlight. As a bonus, if you keep them in your suitcase or gym bag, they’ll also reduce moisture and smells there as well.