The 6 Best Gardening Shoes for Planting, Pruning and Weeding in 2024

Updated: Jun. 09, 2024

From comfort and style to durability and affordability, our list of the best gardening shoes has you covered.

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6 Best Gardening Shoes For 2023VIA MERCHANT

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and those annuals are finally starting to peak through the soil. And while you might think you have all the gardening tools you need (like a handy garden scooter or a garden cultivator), don’t overlook one of the most important gardening accessories: gardening shoes. Whether weeding or pruning, gardening shoes keep you safe and dry while you toil away amongst your perennials and plants.

When digging a hole for a new shrub or tree, your gardening shoes are just as important as your shovel. “If you’ve ever tried to dig a hole while wearing lightweight athletic shoes, you know how painful wearing the wrong kind of shoes can be,” says Randy Schultz, founder and editor of Home, Garden and Homestead. “Even walking through the uneven surfaces of a garden or a wet lawn after a heavy rain requires sturdy shoes with a non-skid sole.”

If you feel overwhelmed about where to start your search, have no fear. We’ve put together a list of the best gardening shoes, from the most stylish to the best budget option and everything in between. Ready to get shopping? Your garden awaits!

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Sloggers Waterproof Garden Shoe via merchant

Best Overall Gardening Shoes

Sloggers Waterproof Garden Shoes

These waterproof gardening shoes from Sloggers provide the ideal mix of comfort and fashion. Each clog is built with heavy-duty lug tread outsole for quality traction and stability that supports a range of activities. The shoe features removable insoles, so they are easy to wash and dry between busy gardening weekends. Plus, the chicken design is simply adorable. If you happen to have a chicken coop in your backyard, these are a nonnegotiable. Don’t worry if these feathered friends aren’t your thing, though, because there are plenty of other designs to choose from.


  • Offer extra cushioning for arch support
  • Made from 90% recycled material
  • Available in 21 different designs
  • Waterproof and latex-free


  • Not available in half sizes

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Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs via merchant

Best Budget Gardening Shoes

Amoji Unisex Garden Clogs

These ultra-light shoes are easy to put on and take off, comfortable and breathable while still offering slip-free stability. The design features many holes, so you won’t get stinky shoes after a few long afternoons of wear. If you already have a pair of best gardening shoes, consider snagging these as a backup—the low price point makes it a no-brainer! They’re a no-fuss option that serves their purpose well.


  • Won’t break the bank
  • Can be hosed off to clean
  • Available in a 11 colors
  • Buyers describe them as a Crocs dupe


  • Not ideal for wetter climates

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Hisea Ankle Rubber Gardening Boot via merchant

Best Men’s Gardening Shoes

Hisea Ankle Rubber Gardening Boots

These breathable and comfortable men’s gardening shoes are ultra-versatile in the rain or in the garden. This shoe is fully waterproof, has durable uppers made of natural rubber and is insulated to keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The breathable liner allows air to travel through the boot, keeping your feet drier than other options on the market. The comfort massage memory foam insoles offer extra arch support, suitable for extended use on your feet.


  • Features memory foam insoles
  • Durable, nonslip soles for traction
  • 100% waterproof
  • Available in four colors and sizes 6 to 14


  • On the heavier side

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Bogs Kicker Rain Chelsea Boots via merchant

Most Stylish Gardening Shoes

Bogs Women’s Kicker Rain Chelsea Boots

Available in four colors, Bogs’ rain boots are crafted with soft, flexible rubber and natural biotechnology to fight odors. They are completely waterproof and made to keep your feet warm on cold days. The boots feature nylon shanks in the footbeds to add stability and support, along with elastic gores for easy on and off.


  • Available in four unique colors
  • Stylish enough to wear outside of gardening
  • Design has a wide toe
  • Fully waterproof


  • Doesn’t have a ton of ankle support
  • Not available in half sizes

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Hunter Women’s Original Short Boot via merchant

Best Splurge Gardening Shoes

Hunter Women’s Original Short Boots

These iconic Hunter boots feature a natural rubber construction, a classic round-toe silhouette and (of course) the signature Hunter logo. They come in a variety of colors to add a splash of fun into your gardening attire. Easy and convenient pull tabs make taking them on and off a breeze, and the outside has a stylish matte finish, made from vulcanized rubber for a seamless waterproof shell. The boots also feature a non-removable footbed with a multi-layered sponge insole for added comfort.


  • Certified 100% vegan
  • Sturdy without being clunky
  • Comes in a tall version
  • Available in 19 colors


  • Footbed can’t be removed for cleaning

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Muck Boot Rubber Gardening Boot via merchant

Best Tall Gardening Shoes

Muck Boot Rubber Gardening Boots

While priced on the higher side, these Muck Boot gardening boots offer incredible durability and stability. The rubber outsoles make cleaning a breeze, and the breathable mesh lining keeps feet and legs cool throughout the work day. In fact, the lining is so comfy, many reviewers report going sans socks. Worried about smelly feet? After all, you do plan to put these boots to work! Each pair comes with footbed inserts for odor control and moisture management.


  • Features breathable mesh lining
  • Can roll down to ankle height
  • Exterior made of high-grade rubber
  • Designed for spring, summer and fall


  • Only available in two colors

What to Consider When Buying Gardening Shoes

There are a few things to consider before you buy a pair of gardening shoes. Your gardening shoes should always offer support. How much support is based on how long you plan on gardening per session and if you’ll be standing, kneeling or a combination of the two.

A good pair of garden shoes is comfortable and tough, with ample ankle support. “The sole should be strong enough so you can stomp down on a shovel head while digging or walk across a gravel pathway and not feel the stones under your feet,” says Schultz.

Breathability is also important. You want a gardening shoe that will allow your feet to breathe, especially if you’ll be on your feet for long periods.

In terms of coverage, it depends on what type of environment you’ll be gardening in. Wet climates require a quality waterproof boot that goes above the ankle. Warmer, dryer climates can get away with clogs or open-backed gardening shoes.

Types of Gardening Shoes

There are three main types of gardening shoes: clogs, short wellies, and boots.

  • Clogs: This lightweight choice is easy to put on and take off. Most clogs have openbacks, which means that they have the breathability factor, but mud and water could get it.
  • Short wellies: This pick offers more stability than clogs, covers your entire foot and goes up to the ankle. It also means better protection from the elements, including insects and bugs.
  • Boots: These offer the most stability and protection. They are ideal for those working in wetter climates and offer more warmth. If you tend to work in messier garden situations, boots are the best gardening shoe for you.

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How We Found the Best Gardening Shoes

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Do you wear socks with gardening shoes?

This is entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong answer. Just be prepared—depending on your choice of gardening shoes, they may get wet.

What type of shoe is best for gardening?

Gardening shoes come in three styles: clogs, short wellies and boots. Your choice will depend on length of gardening time, amount of support needed and weather conditions. However, all shoes should be waterproof and sturdy with a flexible sole that allows for good traction.