Whether you are planting flowers in the garden, adding a water feature to the yard or just need to mow the grass, Family Handyman covers all your outdoor needs.

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    Tips for Buying Garden Plants Online

    Buying live garden plants online is different than buying non-perishable goods. Here are 10 things you need to know before you shop.

    6 Best Fleece Vests for Working Outside This Fall

    Adding a work-friendly fleece vest to your wardrobe is a smart choice that pays off all year long.

    How Long Do Pumpkins Last?

    Fall is here, and everyone's asking, "How long do pumpkins last?" Here's everything you need to know about pumpkin picking,...

    10 Best Fleece Jackets to Keep You Warm

    Soft and comfortable, fleece jackets keep you warm without weighing you down. Check out our 10 favorites for both work...

    What Are Cover Crops and Should You Plant Them Now?

    Bare ground in the garden is an invitation for weeds and other soil problems to take over. Protect your garden...

    How To Get Toilet Paper Out of Trees

    If those teenage neighborhood kids adorned your majestic maple with TP streamers but you're not feeling the vibe, here's how...

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    Upgrade Your Backyard with This Solar Powered Patio Umbrella

    Add ambiance to your deck or patio with this Family Handyman Approved lighted cantilever umbrella.

    Tips for Planting Roses in Your Garden

    Novice gardeners are often reluctant to plant roses. The truth is, roses are no more difficult to plant than any...

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    This Retractable Awning Is an Easy Way to Make Your Patio More Pleasant

    We tried this affordable retractable awning to provide shade both indoors and out.

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    Here Are Some Easy Tips to Help Save Money On Outdoor Gear

    How to just say no to a $6 bag of ice and $50 nesting cookware, plus other thrifty hacks from...

    10 Plants That Look Like They Were Created By Dr. Seuss

    When you tire of growing common plants, it's time to pick some new ones from this list of fun, whimsical...

    Three Ways To Use Eggshells In Your Garden (and Three To Skip)

    There are some good ways to use eggshells in a garden, and some ways that are a waste of time.

    Should You Be Bottom Watering Plants?

    How's your houseplant collection doing? If you love the plants but hate to (or forget to) water them, check out...

    How to Build a Shed: 2011 Garden Shed

    [affiliate_product_button type="shoppable" upc="786200031Z" syndicated_url="https://shop.familyhandyman.com/product/outdoors/bright-and-spacious-garden-shed/" text="Buy PDF & Cut List" /]

    Want to build this stellar storage shed? The full project...

    How To Grow and Care For Coleus

    If you have a shady garden, plant coleus to add some instant color.

    Is Coleus an Annual or Perennial?

    Bring the tropics to your summer landscape with coleus and enjoy some of the prettiest leaves in the plant world.

    Can You Really Fertilize Your Lawn with Beer?

    Some say your lawn needs beer as much as you do after a long day of lawn care! Let's find...

    What Your Hydrangeas Can Tell You About Your Soil

    Hydrangeas are beautiful perennials that come in a variety of hues. But did you know their color can give you...

    Is Celosia a Perennial?

    I love seeing colorful celosia in fall-themed container gardens. But if it's planted in the ground, is celosia a perennial?...

    How To Grow and Care for Celosia

    If you haven't grown celosia, you're missing out on some unique and interesting flowers. Here's what to know about celosia...

    How Much Fall Garden Cleanup Is Really Necessary?

    We know that overdoing fall garden cleanup can destroy insect habitats, but that doesn't mean you should ignore your gardens...

    Tips for Planting Daffodil Bulbs

    Learn all about the proper timing for buying and planting daffodils, how to plant them so you'll always see blooms,...

    How To Care for Mums

    Mums aren't just for containers. You can grow them in the ground too. And, with a little bit of care,...

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    Make a Tiny Oasis in Your Backyard with the Coolaroo Shade Sail

    Here's an easy and inexpensive way to throw some shade in your yard or campsite.

    How To Get Rid of Powdery Mildew on Plants

    Powdery mildew often shows up on plants later in the year. But its presence is nothing to panic about! Your...

    What To Compost From Your Garden

    Deciding what to put in your compost pile depends on what you have in your garden. Some things are good...

    Tips for Planting and Caring for Daylilies

    Make room for daylilies in your garden. They're easy to grow! What's hard about them is choosing which of the...

    7 Unconventional Ideas for Greenhouses

    From old buses to recycled windows and pallets, these crafty DIYers thought outside the box when building their repurposed greenhouses.