Whether you are planting flowers in the garden, adding a water feature to the yard or just need to mow the grass, Family Handyman covers all your outdoor needs.

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How Do You Compost With Black Soldier Fly Larvae?

These little critters may look gross, but they're gardening superheroes.

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Here’s How to Use Coffee Grounds to Make Your Plants Thrive

Your guide to the do's and don'ts of using coffee grounds for growing healthier plants

Self-Propelled vs. Push Mower: What’s the Difference?

Finding the right lawn mower for your property and budget can be a bit confusing. When it comes...

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Tips for Installing a Chain Link Fence

It might sound intimidating. But with the right equipment, experience and help, you can install a chain link fence in...

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7 Tips on How to Repel Mosquitoes

Spend more time outdoors relaxing, not chasing away mosquitoes.

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Top 10 Lawn Mower Safety Tips

Before you start cutting the grass, be sure you brush up on these lawn mower safety tips.

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11 Organic Gardening Tips for Beginners

What's the trick to ditching synthetic chemicals and fertilizers? Use the power of nature to boost your organic garden's resilience.

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What To Consider When Buying a DIY Shed Kit

A DIY home or shed kit can save you lots of money and time if you're handy. Here is everything...

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How To Plant and Care for Rhododendrons

It's hard to resist growing flowering rhododendrons when you see them in bloom in the spring. But do you have...

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10 Tips to Build a Better Concrete Sidewalk

Build strong, crack-free concrete sidewalks and slabs with advice from the pros for forming edges, leveling, smoothing, curing and other...

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The Best Snow Removal Equipment for Your Home

Shop the best snow removal equipment to tackle any task, whether you're shoveling a front walk or taking care of...

If Your Indoor Plant Has Water Droplets On Its Leaves, This Is What It Means

Deciphering those drippy leaves is easier than you might think and reveals the secret to healthy, happy plants.

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The 10 Best Plants for an Indoor Herb Garden

Once you have success with a few easy-to-grow indoor herbs, you'll start looking for more to grow and cook with!

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What Is a Plant Hardiness Zone and How Do I Find Mine?

Learning your Plant Hardiness Zone will help you choose plants that will grow well in your garden and avoid those...

Here’s Why Mowing Leaves Is Better Than Raking Them

Mulching leaves is better for your yard, your back and your budget

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10 Easiest Plants To Overwinter

Overwintering tender annuals and tropical plants is a great way to keep your favorites from one season to the next.

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8 Tips for Building a Deck That Will Last for Decades

Wondering how to build a deck? DIYers and even many professional builders often get it wrong. Read our tips to...

Tips for Planting Roses in Your Garden

Novice gardeners are often reluctant to plant roses. The truth is, roses are no more difficult to plant than any...

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Here Are Some Easy Tips to Help Save Money On Outdoor Gear

How to just say no to a $6 bag of ice and $50 nesting cookware, plus other thrifty hacks from...

Three Ways To Use Eggshells In Your Garden (and Three To Skip)

There are some good ways to use eggshells in a garden, and some ways that are a waste of time.

What To Compost From Your Garden

Deciding what to put in your compost pile depends on what you have in your garden. Some things are good...

Tips for Planting and Caring for Daylilies

Make room for daylilies in your garden. They're easy to grow! What's hard about them is choosing which of the...

10 Tips for Planting Bulbs

Learn how to plant bulbs in the fall so you're sure to enjoy their colorful blooms in the spring. We'll...

Random Things You Can Repurpose Into Little Free Libraries

From wine barrels to filing cabinets, check out objects creative builders repurposed into Little Free Libraries.

Homeowner’s Guide To Soil Ecosystems

A micro-community within our soils determines how well our gardens and lawns grow. Here's what all of those tiny organisms...

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Succulents vs. Cacti: Is a Cactus a Succulent?

Resilient and eye-catching, we're seeing succulents everywhere right now. But are cacti part of this popular family?

10 Tips for Making Your Deck More Functional

If you spend a lot of time out on your deck or patio, these tips are for you!

If Birds Peck at Your Windows and Mirrors, This is What it Means

Birding experts Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman explain why birds engage in these behaviors, and what you can do to prevent...

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How to Clean Your Charcoal Grill

The secret to a successful cookout is a clean grill. Here's how to get your charcoal grill in tip top...

Key Differences Between Lilac Bushes and Lilac Trees

Lilacs are a beautiful, sweet-smelling sign of spring, whether in shrub or tree form. What differences between the two do...

12 Best Rake Tips and Tricks

Rakes don't just clean up leaves. They can do lawn care and so much more.