Whether you are planting flowers in the garden, adding a water feature to the yard or just need to mow the grass, Family Handyman covers all your outdoor needs.

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How Much Does a Cinder Block Fence Cost?

Interested in upgrading your yard with a cinder block fence? We can explain the difference between cinder and concrete block and how much they cost.

Homeowner’s Guide To No Mow May

This spring, laziness pays off big for pollinators. Here's how to effectively and politely participate in No Mow May.

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How To Drain an Above-Ground Pool

If you disassemble your above-ground swimming pool, you'll need to drain it first. Here are the DIY steps and necessary...

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What Are Heirloom Seeds?

Heirloom seed is not just a marketing term. Heirloom vegetable and flower seeds produce older varieties, grown successfully for generations.

10 Outdoor Garden Benches

To help you choose the right outdoor garden bench, consider these factors and products. Some of the latter are DIY-able.

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What To Know About Moss Gardens

Mosses are the oldest living land plants and you can grow them in your newest outdoor garden. Learn how to...

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12 Best Annual Flowers for Full Sun

Dress up your sunny patio and landscape with any of these dazzling annual flowers that thrive in sun and heat.

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9 Tips To Create an Authentic Backyard Japanese Garden

A Japanese-style backyard is a place for contemplating nature. Here are some tips to help you set up your own...

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10 Best Types of Azaleas for Your Garden

The Azalea Society of America says there are more than 10,000 registered varieties of azaleas. Find the right one for...

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10 Best Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen shrubs can add year-round beauty to your yard and garden. Which type will you plant this spring?

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10 Spring Container Garden Ideas

These gorgeous spring container garden ideas show off an explosion of color and texture while celebrating warmer weather and boosting...

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8 Wheelbarrow Planter Ideas

Don't throw away that old, cracked wheelbarrow just yet. Here's inspiration for how to transform it into a beautiful

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10 Types of Lilies To Grow in Your Garden

There are so many types of lilies, it can be hard to choose. Here's help deciding which ones will grow...

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15 Native Plants To Add To Your Yard

Native plants require less fuss, grow more easily and help pollinators and other wildlife. Here are some ideas to plant...

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10 Green Flowers To Grow in Your Garden

Green flowers are not common. Plant them in your gardens as eye-catching stunners that blend in beautifully with the rest...

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10 Best Spring Flowers

Expand your yard's palette of spring flowers with iconic and new ideas you'll find in this list of top performers.

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9 Outdoor Sink Ideas

Once you install an outdoor sink, you'll wonder how you ever lived without one! Check out these cool store-bought and...

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What Is a Keystone Plant and How Does It Support Wildlife?

Keystone plants nurture an incredible amount of bird, insect and wildlife diversity. Here's why these ecosystem heroes should be in...

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How To Convert Your Lawn and Garden To Be Organic

Organic lawn care might seem overwhelming, but it's actually pretty simple and affordable to convert your yard or garden. Here's...

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How To Find Good Deals on Native Plants

Native plants are beneficial to birds, bees and ecosystems. They're also often cheap or even free. Here's how to find...

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What To Know About Mini Vegetables

If you have a sunny outdoor spot, a place to put a big container and a little time, you can...

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10 Best Annuals for Shady Spots

Brilliant blooms and fun foliage options are endless if you know where to look. Let's explore captivating types of annuals...

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12 Orange Flowers To Grow in Your Garden

Orange flowers pack a punch, making a bold statement in gardens, borders and containers. These extroverted flowers are NOT shrinking...

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10 Types of Flowering Trees

Flowering trees can make a big statement when they're in full bloom. Every yard should have at least one such...

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10 Types of Flowers to Spruce Up Your Garden

Brighten your landscape with fanciful types of flowers that offer vibrant color in spring, summer and fall.

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7 Houseplants That Don’t Require Drainage

If you have a container without holes for drainage, you can still grow a houseplant in it — at least...

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What’s a Catio and Why Would I Want One?

The catio revolution is afoot. Here's what to know about cat patios, which keep kitties and wildlife safe.

How and Why To Keep a Garden Journal

Just like gardens, garden journals come in all shapes and sizes. Once you start one, you'll love having a record...

10 Plants That Look Like They Were Created By Dr. Seuss

When you tire of growing common plants, it's time to pick some new ones from this list of fun, whimsical...

Is Celosia a Perennial?

I love seeing colorful celosia in fall-themed container gardens. But if it's planted in the ground, is celosia a perennial?...