Whether you are planting flowers in the garden, adding a water feature to the yard or just need to mow the grass, Family Handyman covers all your outdoor needs.

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    The Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit Insert Bundle Makes Nights Around the Fire Even Nicer

    Your friends won’t have to play musical chairs to avoid smoke—with a Breeo Smokeless Fire Pit you can enjoy a cleaner burn with less smoke.

    We’re Obsessed With This Under $100 Outdoor Bar Table—Here’s Why

    Get ready for cocktail hour with this aesthetically pleasing pop-up bar and beverage cooler. This outdoor bar table...

    This Campfire Popcorn Popper is Perfect for Your Backyard Fire Pit

    Making memories and a delicious snack? We're so in.

    This $5 Handy Tool Removes Ticks From Dogs, Cats and Humans

    Prevention is the best medicine, but when a tick comes into contact with pet or human skin, you'll be happy...

    Self-Propelled vs. Push Mower: What’s the Difference?

    Finding the right lawn mower for your property and budget can be a bit confusing. When it comes...

    Nurture Your Green Thumb with the Lettuce Grow Farmstand

    Turn a small balcony or the corner of your kitchen into a fresh, culinary garden with the help...

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    Why You Shouldn’t Grow a Russian Olive Tree in Your Yard

    The Russian olive tree was once a popular choice. See why a garden expert says you should avoid this invasive...

    Kill Your Yard’s Pests with the Wondercide Flea and Tick Spray

    Bugs bugging you? Check out the Wondercide Flea and Tick Yard Spray to eradicate your lawn's pesky visitors. 

    Improve the Health of Your Yard with the Sun Joe Dethatcher

    Don’t let your grass get smothered with thatch! Use the top-rated Sun Joe Dethatcher to care for the...

    Power King Chipper Shredder: A Beast of a Chipper

    The Power King Chipper is called a beast for a reason—it quickly shreds your brush pile in a...

    Best Hedge Trimmer to Groom Your Greenery

    We've rounded up some of the best hedge trimmers, along with advice on how to find the right gas or...

    Disperse Fertilizer Faster with the Scotts Elite Spreader

    Bigger, Better, Faster. Scotts Elite Spreader is an upgrade from the Mini and DLX spreaders. With a generous...

    Edge out the Competition with the Sharpal Knife Sharpener for Lawn Mower Blades (and Much More)

    The Sharpal Knife Sharpener makes your life easier—it sharpens lawn mower blades, knives and tools quickly.

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    How You Can Help Bees and Pollinators Thrive in Your Yard

    Native bees and honeybees are struggling in many places. Learn how to help the bees, butterflies and more beneficial bugs...

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    If Mushrooms Are Growing in Your Lawn, This Is What It Means

    Gardening expert Melinda Myers explains why mushrooms sprout on your lawn and trees and what to do about them.

    We Tried Darn Tough Socks, and Now We Want to Wear Them Everyday

    Darn Tough says it crafts the world’s most comfortable, durable and best-fitting socks. We put that claim to...

    How Long Do Pumpkins Last?

    Fall is here, and everyone's asking, "How long do pumpkins last?" Here's everything you need to know about pumpkin picking,...

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    Upgrade Your Backyard with This Solar Powered Patio Umbrella

    Add ambiance to your deck or patio with this Family Handyman Approved lighted cantilever umbrella.

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    This Retractable Awning Is an Easy Way to Make Your Patio More Pleasant

    We tried this affordable retractable awning to provide shade both indoors and out.

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    Make a Tiny Oasis in Your Backyard with the Coolaroo Shade Sail

    Here's an easy and inexpensive way to throw some shade in your yard or campsite.

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    Throw Some Shade into Your Yard with This Easy, Affordable Pergola Kit

    Cool off and spiff up your outdoor living space with this low-cost Family Handyman Approved pergola kit.

    The Benefits of Using Crushed Seashells in Your Soil

    Are crushed seashells the answer for improving your garden soil? Under the right conditions, they might be just what...

    If You Find a Spotted Lanternfly in Your Yard, This Is What to Do

    The spotted lanternfly is invasive and it's taking over in the U.S. Here's how to get rid of this pest...

    Spend More Time Outdoors with This Chemical-Free Mosquito Repellent

    We tried this chemical-free flying insect trap to limit the number of irritating mosquito bites we endured. Here's what we...

    Help Vines Grow Upward With This Viral TikTok Hack

    This simple houseplant TikTok hack is blowing up the internet. Does it actually work? I tried it out on my...

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    Here’s What It Means If You See White Fungus Balls in Soil

    They pop up seemingly out of nowhere, but should you be concerned? We've got the scoop on those little white...

    What’s the Difference Between Mock and Wild Strawberry Plants?

    Yes, there is a difference. And it's actually very interesting.

    The Headlamp I Never Knew I Needed

    This top-notch Fenix HM65r headlamp showed me the light when I thought my old headlamp was fine.

    12 Dangerous Pool Mistakes

    Nothing says summer like a day spent splashing in the pool— but the average swimming pool can be more dangerous...

    When Is the Best Time to Buy Patio Furniture?

    Who says you have to spend a fortune to create an outdoor oasis? Here's the best time to buy patio...

    What to Know About a Subcompact Tractor

    With long-running diesel engines and chassis made for chores, tractors are workhorses for any landowner. If you measure your property...