Whether you are planting flowers in the garden, adding a water feature to the yard or just need to mow the grass, Family Handyman covers all your outdoor needs.

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    How To Replace the Handle of a Shovel (And Other Garden Tools)

    Shovel handle replacement is an easy way to rejuvenate your shovel and save a few bucks.

    11 Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens

    From flora fiestas to wildlife-friendly oases and dinner combos, here are some container garden combination ideas curated by four green-thumb...

    How To Clean a Birdbath the Right Way

    Safely clean bird baths without using bleach.

    14 Foliage Plants to Enhance Any Room

    Whether your room is dark or light, petite or sprawling, here are some leafy friends to bring green joy into...

    How to Make a Wooden Disc Swing

    Here are two ways to make a disc swing for a tree. Both are sure to bring your family tons...

    12 Easiest Vegetables to Grow, According to Gardening Experts

    If you're new to gardening, live in a harsh climate or are super busy, you can still grow your own...

    6 Ways to Create a Cooling Patio in 2024

    Use these beautiful and functional tips to create a cooling patio to utilize this precious outdoor space even during the...

    Wolverine Hiking Boots Get a Red Bull-Themed Makeover

    Will these Red Bull x Wolverine hiking boots give you wings? Maybe, if you're able to grab them before they...

    The Best Cordless Leaf Blowers, Tested By a Lawn Expert

    After testing dozens of cordless leaf blowers, we've found the perfect combination of power, usability and affordability.

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    How To Use a Broadcast Spreader the Right Way

    A broadcast spreader is an essential tool for taking care of your lawn.

    9 Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

    Elevate both the style and the function of your pool area with these above ground pool deck ideas.

    12 Tips for Low-Maintenance Backyard Water Features

    Spend more time enjoying a backyard pond and less time maintaining it.


    10 Tips for Choosing and Buying Deck Lumber

    A new deck is only as good as the materials you use to construct it. These tips from a lumber...

    Will the Cicadas Eat Your Plants?

    Whether you find cicadas captivating or cringeworthy, there's usually one nagging question: Will my yard look the same once they've...

    How to Make a DIY Indoor Herb Garden

    This easy-to-build indoor herb garden contains all the necessary ingredients for herbs to flourish.

    I Tried BruMate’s MagPack—And It’s the Best Soft Cooler I’ve Tested

    I tested BruMate’s new soft cooler to tell you how it performs ahead of your springtime outings and...

    8 Ideas for Building a DIY Flagstone Patio

    Outdoor stonework has been around for thousands of years. Find out how these flagstone patios can bring timeless style to...

    Patio vs. Porch: What’s the Difference?

    The two words are often used interchangeably, but there are clear distinctions. Here's how what to know about a porch...

    How to Prep an Older Deck for Re-Staining

    Learn how to prep and clean a stained deck before restaining.

    8 Patio Extension Ideas for Outdoor Living

    A larger backyard entertaining space doesn't mean starting from scratch. Enlarge your current setup with these inspiring patio extension ideas.

    7 Indoor Garden Ideas To Elevate Your Home

    Grow edible food, flowers and more with these indoor gardening ideas that fit any home or apartment.

    Stone Paths, Pavers or Gravel: Which Type of Garden Path Is Best?

    Planning to install a garden path? Let us point you in the right direction.

    EGO Lawn Mower Review: I Tried This Self-Propelled Mower and Was Shocked by Its Performance

    Is this the best electric mower for mid-sized lawns? This homeowner's EGO lawn mower review thinks so.

    How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

    What you need to know about tree removal cost, from the experts

    10 Gravel Landscaping Ideas for Your Patio

    Get inspired by these versatile gravel patio ideas that will help you create an outdoor entertaining space on a budget.

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    10 Best Container Gardening Plants

    Container gardening provides a simple way for you to plant and maintain flowers and foliage, allowing you to easily move...

    8 Bulbs to Plant in Spring

    Not to worry if you missed fall planting. From lush lilies to dazzling dahlias, here are bulbs to plant in...

    25 Trees for Every Landscape Need

    Trees play several roles in the home landscape. Here are some expert recommendations for which trees to plant for the...

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    What To Know About Moles in Your Yard

    Curious about moles? We've got the scoop on these little diggers.

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    When Should You Let Your Child Mow the Lawn?

    Many factors come into play when making this decision. As with any right of passage, the child's safety is the...