How to Calculate Trex Decking Cost for Your Project

Updated: Dec. 04, 2023

Estimate Trex decking cost and decking cost per square foot. Compare Trex vs pressure-treated wood decks. Learn factors that increase cost of a deck.

The Trex composite deck system offers a popular alternative to traditional wood construction because it weathers beautifully over time and homeowners find its low-maintenance requirements appealing.

Trex decking costs more than wood construction at installation, however, homeowners tend to get that investment back over time. A composite deck never requires refinishing, and that can potentially save the homeowner thousands of dollars through the deck’s lifespan. Simple, semi-annual cleanings keep a Trex deck looking bright and new.

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Trex Decking Cost Per Square Foot

The materials cost for a Trex deck with substructure, decking and fasteners included, generally falls into the range of $9 to $16 per square foot. Options and the materials grade, however, can push this total as high as $30 per square foot. If the new deck is not a DIY project, standard labor figures for a deck that can be installed from the ground commonly run between $7.50 and $8.50 per square foot, but vary with the type of installers used and the region you live in.

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Cost of Trex Composite Decking vs. Wood

Trex has created an online Trex decking cost calculator that shows material cost for either new construction or a resurfacing project. It compares each of the three quality options in their line (Trex Select, Trex Enhance, Trex Transcend) and provides a figure for pressure-treated wood construction for reference. Trex’s tool also allows you to include the cost of using the Trex Elevations substructure system and compares the cost of that to pressure-treated wood, as well.

From an investment perspective, decks tend to hold their value well at resale. Homeowners often recoup as much as three-quarters of their initial investment, according to studies done by the National Association of Realtors and the National Association of Landscape Professionals. Two caveats stand out: Extravagant decks with an abundance of costly add-on features do not fair as well in percentage returned to the homeowner, and composite decks, while returning a higher cash value than wood decks, return a slightly lower percentage of the original investment.

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Other Trex Decking Cost Considerations

When pricing your deck, an online calculator does not include costs such as permit fees and sales tax. You must factor these in, using your local rates. Furthermore, design specifications and conditions such as installation height above the ground, joist span, cantilever and angles affect the number and height of support posts, whether a beam is required, joist size, the material required for stairs to access the deck from the yard and the time required for the crew to complete the job, if it’s not a DIY project.

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