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Chris Deziel

location-pin Santa Cruz, California

School: California State University

Expertise: painting and drywall, landscaping and garden, pest control, carpentry, woodworking, electrical, flooring, plumbing, tiling, renovating and remodeling, home exteriors, roofing, green living

Chris Deziel

  • Spent 10 years as a teacher/professor, holding positions at institutions including Osaka Institute of Technology in Osaka, Japan.
  • Co-founded two gardening companies and has remodeled properties in Colorado, California, and Kyoto, Japan.
  • Currently turning his off-grid California property into a dedicated solar homestead.


Chris Deziel has been building and designing homes, and writing about the process, for over four decades. He developed his construction and landscaping skills in the 1980s while helping build a small city in the Oregon desert from the ground up. He's worked as a flooring installer, landscape builder and residential remodeler. Since turning his focus to writing, he has published or consulted on more than 10,000 articles and served as online building consultant for as well as an expert reviewer for Though his specialties are carpentry, cabinetry and furniture refinishing, Chris is known by his Family Handyman editors as a DIY writer with a seemingly endless well of hands-on experience.


  • California State University - Dominguez Hills, MA, Humanities
  • University of Western Ontario, BSc, Physics

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