Peaceful Wind Chimes That Won’t Drive Your Neighbors Crazy

Updated: Feb. 17, 2023

The breeze will flutter through these wind chimes without disturbing your neighbors.

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Natural Ring Bamboo Chime

Often what can bother neighbors so much about wind chimes is the loud clanking of too many pieces of metal. Take it down a notch by opting for another material, like bamboo. These hand-tuned bamboo wind chimes produce mellow, relaxing tones everyone can appreciate. It’s not a big deal to you, but your neighbors are rolling their eyes at these things you’re doing!

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Beaded Wind Chime

Adorn a backyard tree with this unique wind chime. Crafted with hand-picked beads that have been carefully threaded onto hard wearing, barely noticeable beading wire, this wind chime will add a little character without boasting an overbearing sound that will bother your neighbors. Looking to relax? Check out these 11 products that make soaking in the tub even more relaxing.

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Driftwood Wind Chime

Soft pieces of wood make a beautiful, mellow sound when blown in the wind. This driftwood wind chime is sure to give you the soothing sounds you love, without disturbing the neighbors. Here’s how to eliminate 23 annoying noises that come from within your own home.

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Purple Capiz Wind Chime with Wood Beads

Another beach-like sound is that of seashells tossing together in the tide. This wind chime uses Capiz shells, known for their delicate structure, to create a gentle sound that won’t drive your neighbors nuts.

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Color-Changing Solar-Powered Wind Chime

If you really want to go incognito with your wind chimes, how about silent ones? These solar-powered wind chimes look like crystal balls swirling in the wind. By day, they soak up energy from the sun. By night, they’ll add a colorful accent to your yard as they glow. Even the worst neighbors shouldn’t mind that! Keep your neighbors on your good side by avoiding these bad habits.

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Ceramic Wind Chime

This handcrafted wind chime features four tiers of multi-colored leaf-shaped ceramic pieces. According to the designer, when a breeze hits these pieces it “creates a very delicate, tinkling, beautiful sound upon contact with each other.” Here are 10 ordinances to know when you have a nuisance neighbor.

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Clear Crystal Wind Chime

This glam wind chime features lead crystal prisms that scatter the sunlight in every direction. The crystals hang from a brass filigree canopy, and the sound of prisms is a pleasant tinkling as the breeze moves through them. Check out these 12 ideas for turning a storage shed into a relaxing getaway.

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Coconut Shell Wind Chimes

Another material that can create a soothing sound instead of the clanking of metal is coconut. This wind chime is made of 35 pieces of coconut shell—each natural and hand-polished by artisans. If you’re concerned about your neighbors’ thoughts, check out these 10 things your neighbor will never tell you.

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Deer Bone Wind Chime

Another alternative to overwhelming metal wind chimes is natural deer bones. The designer of this wind chime promises the bones are ethically collected and are simply found in the forest, cleaned and turned into art.

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Seaglass and Driftwood Wind Chime

Add some beach vibes to your home with these soothing wind chimes. They evoke the sound of the sea using natural driftwood and colorful glass. Amazon reviewers note that it has a soft sound that’s not overpowering. You won’t get tangled up in a mess with your neighbors if you know these dos and don’ts about trees and property lines.

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