Our Top Picks for Relaxing Deep-Tone Wind Chimes

Updated: Sep. 23, 2023

Chime in and tune out with soothing, calming sounds from any one of these10 spa-worthy wind chimes.

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Sinfinate Large, Deep-Tone Wind Chime

Made of six metal tubes, each one producing its own unique tone when they collide, these deep-tone wind chimes are sure to put you in a meditative mood as you relax in your yard.

“I like the deep sound of this wind chime when the wind blows and the chimes are playing!” says an Amazon reviewer.

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Music of The Spheres Pentatonic Bass Wind Chime

The largest of the Music of the Spheres collection, this wind chime with Pentatonic tuning (five notes per octave), offers a deep, natural sound you can listen to here. The striker is the ideal size, weight and shape for optimal chime performance in 8 to 10 mph wind velocity.

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Woodstock Percussion Windbell

When blown by a breeze, this handcrafted steel bell sways back and forth sounding bold tones. You can listen to the beautifully deep and long-lasting sound here.

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Planted Perfect Wood Wind Chime

Featuring a wood striker and polished-metal tubes, these wind chimes will provide you deep and resonant tones. The manufacturer explains that while many wind chimes disappoint in sound and others irritate, “Ours are delightful, thanks to expert tuning.”

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Happy Home Products Deep-Tone Wind Chime

This impressive 57-inch-long wind chime features shiny pipes that produce the resonant, deep sound of church bells from even the slightest breeze. That means the more the breeze picks up, the more you’ll get lost in a symphony of music in the comfort of your yard. You should also check out these 10 inspiring deck designs.

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Astarin Large Deep-Tone Wind Chime

These deep-tone chimes produce a lower, fuller sound that can be heard from near and far. The six aluminum powder-coated tubes are hand-tuned by experts to achieve superior musical performance. The high-density beech wood striker ensures a clear tone and resonances.

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VenKoda 2-Pack Amazing Grace Wind Chimes

Made of anodized aluminum tubes and sturdy wood, these wind chimes (you get two!) create a variety of musical tones as the wood striker taps against the tubes.

“When I began removing the chimes from their paper wraps, I was immediately impressed with the length and width of the chimes,” says an Amazon reviewer. “The wood hanger is thick and solid and the chimes sound FANTASTIC. No piercings highs, just a rich baritone. I would definitely order again. When removing the plastic from the chimes, be gentle.”

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LifeTimeWindChimes Deep Resonating Wind Chime

This very large chime features a deep, mellow sound that’s soothing to listen to. Each of the aluminum tubes hang from a marine-grade stainless steel cable that’s attached to an internal pin. The pin is placed at the exact point of the chime so that it doesn’t obstruct the lovely sound vibrations that occur when a tube is struck. For more outdoor inspiration, check out these 11 amazing stone patios.

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UpBlend Classic Havasu Wind Chime

At 38 inches long from the hook to the bottom of the striker, the ‘Classic Havasu’ features hand-tuned aluminum tubes that are anodized in a light bronze. It strikes an E-major Pentatonic chord, generating rich, soothing melodies.

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