11 Zen Water Feature Ideas for Indoors

Updated: Sep. 23, 2023

From tabletop water features to full-on indoor ponds, there are plenty of ways to add some Zen to your home.

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Indoor Pond Overlooking Outdoor Lake

Enjoy the outdoors from within with a gorgeous indoor water feature. This indoor pond that overlooks Lake Michigan makes this space the ideal place to sit back and relax. The pond functions like a swimming pool would, and the water treatment system uses ozone rather than chlorine so it doesn’t smell like chlorine smell. In this collection of DIY ponds, fountains and waterfalls, there’s something for everyone.

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Indoor Water Passageway

Bring the pool inside with this passageway. The outdoor infinity pool is carried inside via a glass covered sliver among the indoor floor’s poured concrete tiles. Large glass windows make for a seamless look that ensures there’s no disruption from the outside pool to the indoor living space.

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Tiered Column Tabletop Fountain

This tabletop water feature brings the calming sound of trickling water right to your desk, bedside table or reading nook. The fountain is handcrafted from durable resin materials, and features three pouring tiers. Plus, there are three tiers for tea candles! An indoor fountain can also make your home less dry in winter. So can these others products!

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Free-Floating Water Feature

Add some Zen to your foyer with this free-floating water feature. This custom wall of water opens up the entryway and allows light to flow through. The water streaming down the glass is a calming welcome, and can also be enjoyed in the dining room on the other side, as well.

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Lighted Waterfall Tabletop Fountain With Stone Wall

This contemporary tabletop water feature brings the soothing sound of water to your home so you can relax while you work, sleep or work out. The fountain features LED lights and a pump with maximum flow of 47 gallons per hour. Check out these 40 show-stopping home projects you’ll want to DIY.

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Indoor Japanese Small Pond and Zen Garden

This small indoor Japanese pond and Zen garden is the perfect inspiration for creating a relaxing indoor water feature. It’s the ideal place to connect to nature in the comfort of your own home. Dedicate the space to meditation, as you listen to water trickling out of a bamboo shoot. Check out how to build a bamboo water feature in your yard.

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Water Bubbler/Audio Speaker

This indoor water feature consists of a water bubble panel that features an audio speaker and LED lights. The fountain comes fully assembled, so all you have to do is fill it with water and plug it in! It’s a great way to relax to calming music with the added touch of bubbling water. Check out these 11 products that make soaking in the tub even more relaxing.

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Indoor Aquarium Zen Fireplace

From the relaxing vibes of a fireplace to the calming energy of colorful fish swirling about, there’s a whole lot of Zen going on with this indoor water feature! The aquarium is a custom design by Dezign Inspirations/Home Design Resource if you’re intrigued to have your own version created! Take a look at these 12 ideas for turning a storage shed into a relaxing space.

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Corner Tree Waterfall

Made from stainless steel that’s given a durable and rich multi-toned, bronze-copper patina, this custom indoor waterfall is, perhaps, inspiration for a corner in your home that could use a statement piece. The water cascades over a piece of tempered glass that’s placed in front of the tree sculpture. The result is a calming piece of artwork that’s illuminated by a warm LED spotlight.

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XXL Standing Bubble Fountain

This standing bubble panel features a quiet air pump, seven colored lights and a remote control. Set the mood for relaxation, romance and more at the touch of a button. It’s sure to be a conversation piece no matter where you put it in your home!

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DIY Indoor Water Feature

Enjoy the sound of bubbling water falling over rocks all year round with this miniature, plant-lined stream and waterfall. All you need is a container, a pump and some favorite beach stones.This is a fun DIY project you can do with children—a great way to use all of those rocks they’ve collected! Here’s the complete how-to for this DIY water feature.

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