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This is How to Celebrate MLB Opening Day!

The 2019 Major League Baseball Opening Day is Thursday, March 28—the earliest opening day in history. All 30 teams will play on this day. Here's a look at how you can get in on the action and celebrate America's favorite pastime.

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Go to, or at Least Watch, a Game

With all 30 teams playing on MLB opening day, there are plenty of match ups to choose from. For this year’s full schedule, visit

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Have a Baseball Watching Party

If you can’t be at the game for MLB opening day, have a baseball watching party at your house. Invite some friends over, serve up some peanuts, sunflower seeds and popcorn, and cheer on your favorite team. If you’re cooking for a big crowd, consider these 17 best cooking gadgets for your game day party.

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Get Your Yard Ready

Your yard may not look like the ball field, but you can improve your lawn game to rival that of ballpark groundskeepers. Spring is a good time to spread grass seed. You can also try mowing your lawn in various patterns to look like a major league park. Here are eight awesome lawn mowing designs you should try.

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Fire Up the Grill

If you can’t enjoy a hot dog at the game, fire up the grill and serve up the ballpark favorite at home. If this is your first time grilling this season, be aware your grill may need a bit of a tune-up or cleaning before opening day. Here’s how to tune up your outdoor gas grill.

No brush? No problem. Here’s how to clean your grill without one.

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Play a Game of Catch

When the kids get home from school, get out the baseball mitts and play a game of catch. Make sure you have some Big League Chew on hand so you’ll feel like you’re in the big leagues!

Take your sports equipment storage game to a whole new level with these 10 ingenious hacks.

Buy Big League Chew now on Amazon.

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Get the Coolers Ready

Get ready for the summer season by getting your coolers out of storage. Hose them off, wipe them down and leave them out in the sun, open, to dry. If you have a beer fridge, see if it needs a good cleaning as well. When you’re done, stock it up with beverages for the game. Check out these 10 drool-worthy beer fridges.

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Sort Through Baseball Cards

Do you have a collection of baseball cards? Take some time to go through them and reminisce. You can also buy 2019 baseball cards to celebrate MLB opening day.

These 10 sports memorabilia homes should be in the hall of fame.

Buy baseball cards now on Amazon.

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Grow Your Own Sunflower Seeds

Take some time on opening day to plant sunflowers in a section of your garden. Sunflowers do well in most gardens and will even attract butterflies!

These 10 wildflowers do well in the suburbs.

Want butterflies to visit your backyard? Try these seven tips.

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Frame Your Favorite Jersey

If you have a favorite baseball jersey you’ve held onto for years, take some time during MLB opening day to frame it. Then hang it as part of a gallery wall or in the room where you’ll cheer on your favorite team this year. This is the easiest way to hang a gallery wall.

Buy a baseball jersey frame now on Amazon.

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Dust off Your Favorite Baseball Cap

If you’re stuck wearing a stocking cap all winter, MLB opening day is the perfect time to get out your baseball cap(s) and start wearing them again. And, you’ll probably want to get a new one this year, right?

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