10 Things to Do to Your House Before a Graduation Party

When your child reaches any milestone, it's a big day. But graduating from high school or college calls for a real celebration. If you want to host a big bash in honor of their accomplishments, make sure you and your home are ready. You want your guests to remember this graduation party for the fun they had, not that broken screen or stinky trash can.

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Make Sure Sinks and Toilets are in Working Order

Nothing makes a party stink like a clogged or overflowing toilet. If you’re expecting a house full of guests for your graduation party, make sure everything is flushing and draining freely in the plumbing department. Fixing a running toilet is easier than you think. And, because too many guests could mean a clogged toilet, read up ahead of time on how to fix it in a hurry. Clogged sink? Here’s what you need to know to fix it fast.

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Fix All Loose Railings

The last thing you need when a hundred of your kids’ closest friends come to call is a fall. Before the big day, check the handrails on staircases and the deck. Tightening loose handrails is an easy fix. If your graduation party guests will be spending time on the deck or front porch, check those railings, too. Fix any loose rails that teenagers are inclined to sit on or lean against.

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Check Walkways for Tripping Hazards

Will your graduation party be an outside affair? Check all walkways around your property for tripping hazards. Loose or sunken pavers that catch your toe can be fixed in a few minutes.

If you have plenty of time before the graduation and want to spruce up the yard for the big day, consider building a new stone patio and let the graduation party be its grand opening!

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Fix Screens and Doors

No one runs in and out of a house more than teenagers. Before your graduation party, check that your screens are fly and mosquito proof and that all screen doors shut quietly and have a tight seal. Refer to these instructions to repair a torn screen. And if the door won’t close tightly behind you, adjusting a storm door closure is easier than you think.

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Bag Your Grass Clippings

When folks are running in and out of the house, it’s crazy how much dirt is dragged in and left on your floor. While you might normally prefer to leave the grass clippings on the lawn, when you mow right before the party, you should probably bag the clippings. If you don’t, a lot of them will end up in your house.

If you’ve done your best and your floor is still a mess, check out this list of cleaning products professionals use, including the best vacuum cleaner.

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Clear Out the Clutter

While the family might like to have things handy during the evening hours of watching TV, your graduation party guests won’t. You know, things like your crafting basket, books you’re reading or the half-done jigsaw puzzle. Before guests arrive, stash personal and breakable items out of sight.

You’re sure to find a place to put everything on this ultimate list of the 50 best storage containers to get your house in order.

We love these 9 genious tips for organizing kitchens and clearing clutter.

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Clean Out the Trash Bins

With a house full of guests creating garbage and recycling, your trash cans will fill up fast. To avoid lingering, unwanted odors, wash out your trash bins before the event. Then, strategically place trash bins around the yard and house to encourage disposal their use. Secure the bags to the bins to prevent the bags from slipping inside, resulting in a mess. Hopefully, you won’t spend the morning after your graduation party cleaning up trash from your yard.

If you don’t have enough trash bins, try using 5-gallon buckets you already have on hand.

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Make Sure Everything is Well Lit

For a small dinner party, the ambiance of candlelight is appealing. But not for a house and/or yard full of guests. Before your graduation party, check all the light bulbs in the house and also make sure you have plenty of lighting outdoors. Solar path lighting is easy to install while installing a motion sensor light might take a bit more time.

Do the new light bulb choices have you confused? Here are 15 tips for choosing LED bulbs for your home.

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Find a Place for Pets

Your dogs and cats might be members of the family but crowds and noise can make your furry friends nervous. Don’t risk having to deal with dog problems during your graduation party. Find a friend or neighbor who is willing to pet sit during the party. To make sure your family pet lives a long healthy life, keep these 11 things out of their reach.

Here are 19 cleaning tips every pet owner should know.

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Alert Your Neighbors

The saying that fences make good neighbors is true. But so does peace and quiet. If you’re planning a large party and don’t intend to invite all of your neighbors, at least let them know there will be extra cars and people on the block. Tell them it’s a graduation party (so they will be thrilled for your child!), about how many people you’re expecting and what time they can expect the noise to die down.

And here are 15 things your neighbors want you to stop doing.

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