Fluorescent Light Covers to Transform Your Drop Ceiling

Updated: Dec. 21, 2023

Fluorescent light has been linked to migraines, sleep disruption, increased stress and more. Fortunately, there are many beautiful ways to diffuse it!

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Blue Skies Above

This puffy cloud fluorescent light filter is a fun way to diffuse the harsh glare of fluorescent lights in drop ceilings. The cloud design provides a soothing scene, perfect for daydreaming.

One reviewer wrote: “Very easy to cut with scissors or a rotary cutter. I installed them about six months ago, and I am very happy with this purchase. They let plenty of light through, but block the awful fluorescent glare. I get lots of compliments on them.”

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So Magnetic

These inexpensive fluorescent light covers that attach to the light fixture’s metal frame with magnets quickly and easily tone down harsh lighting, making them very popular on Amazon. They also come in blue.

“I purchased these for my psychotherapy office as we have fluorescent lights,” says a reviewer. “They definitely warm up the room and I’ve gotten many, many compliments and questions. Other therapists in my office have now ordered these as well. They feel like shower curtain fabric but definitely don’t look like that. The magnets are strong so I’ve had no problems with them falling which was something I was concerned about.”

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Rice Paper DIY

Make your own Asian-influenced fluorescent light cover with this self-adhesive rice paper film. The rice paper serves as a DIY lampshade of sorts! Simply attach the paper around the fixture with double-sided tape or mounting putty, using one large sheet of rice paper per fixture.

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Block Party

Create the illusion of a skylight with this glass-block-look fluorescent light film. It’s a great option if you don’t want to draw too much attention to the light with a bright design, and are going for something that mimics a window and natural light.

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Swirly Gate

Give bright overhead lights a toned-down English-garden feel with this wrought iron fluorescent light cover film. One happy Amazon reviewer wrote: “These gave our dated lights in our kitchen some new life. Each fixture has four 40-watt bulbs so multiply that by two and the lights were very bright. These covers toned down the light and it’s now at a comfortable level.”

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Cathedral Copycat

We love the domed ceiling illusion of this fluorescent light cover. It’s a panel and cover in one, so you can replace your old cover entirely while diffusing light with style. This panel is acrylic and ships flat in a protective box, like those used for fine art. While this fluorescent light cover is on the pricier side of the options on this list, we love that it can be custom ordered to fit any size fixture.

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Into the Blue

Keep things simple with monochromatic, faux-skylight fluorescent light cover film. This film goes over your existing plastic diffuser to add a hint of calming blue and to diffuse harsh, fluorescent glare. This product is popular for medical offices, waiting rooms and classrooms where the softened blue hue is comforting.

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Magnificent Marble

Achieve the elegant and sleek look of marble with this flexible light cover film. The film is especially useful for creating a mirrored-like reflection to marble countertops.

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Spaced Out

Great for the man cave, a kid’s bedroom or playroom, protect your eyes with starry skies using this fluorescent light cover. This filter is ideal if you want to achieve a low-light space. Check out this reviewer’s photos for an idea of how they’ll look!

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Beach Bum

Lighten up the mood with some beachy vibes! This fluorescent light cover transforms your ceiling into a patch of inviting sand, glassy water and a lazy palm frond. And if you don’t remember, here’s a quick refresh on what a palm frond is.

“The images are gorgeous when diffusing light. The effect is soft and muted light,” comments one reviewer.

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Forest Canopy

Whether laying on your bed, relaxing on the couch or doing the dishes in the kitchen, a fluorescent light above you can be shifted from harsh to heavenly with this fluorescent light cover. It features the peaceful scene of a canopy of trees beneath a bright blue sky.

“I love it! The fluorescent lights are so harsh in the office and now I have a skylight in a windowless room. This design puts off a nice light green light, very natural feeling,” says one reviewer.

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Pretty in Pink

Add a touch of femininity to your home with this cherry blossom scene. According to one Amazon review, this fluorescent light cover reduces the light to a “soft pink glow.” How beautiful!