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9 Best Door Draft Stoppers

Keep your toes toasty this winter with door draft stoppers that block frigid air from coming in and heated air from going out.

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Using a Door Draft Stopper

A door draft stopper is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to block cold air from permeating the gap under doors. Stoppers can also trap the cool air inside on hot summer days. From fabric stoppers (typically long, cylindrical pillows) to silicone door sweeps or vinyl rubber weather stripping, there are all types of door draft stoppers on the market today.

Here are some of the best door draft stoppers to buy before the temperature drops.

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Best Door Sweep Draft Stoppers

Door sweeps are an excellent solution for deterring under-door drafts. Exterior-facing doors are especially prone to drafts. The Suptikes Door Draft Stopper Under Door Seal ($10) uses flexible silicone that attaches to the base of the door with a strong self-adhesive strip. Cut-to-size to fit almost any door, the sweep comes in white, black, brown and gray.

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Best Hook-and-Loop Fasteners

Change your mind with the change of season. The deeTOOL MAN Door Draft Stopper ($18) is a piece of cake to remove and replace! To prep for installation, just measure the size you need and clean the bottom of the door with a dry rag. A strong adhesive backing and hook-and-loop fasteners keep the sturdy covered Styrofoam securely in place until you decide to “rip” it off!

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Best Magnetic Door Draft Stopper

The Evelots Door Draft Stopper ($20) is a door snake with strong magnets located inside a weather-resistant cover. The draft stopper attaches to any metal, regular hardwood or fiberglass door using the detachable metal clips (included). Because it moves with the door, there’s no need to reposition it. Built-in hanging loops let you dangle it from closet hooks or doorknobs when not in use.

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Best Eco-Friendly Door Draft Stopper

Being environmentally conscious means saving energy, as well as choosing products that are made from sustainable materials whenever we can. The U.S.-produced Maine Sales Company Door Draft ($28) is made of 100 percent cotton and stuffed with all-natural, chemical-free and unscented buckwheat hulls. The Chickadee pattern is especially popular with naturalists and birders.

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Best Door Draft Stopper for Kids

You’ll love the cute and cuddly Giraffe Door Draft Stopper by MAXTID ($20) almost as much as your little ones. Suitable for under-door drafts as well as on window sills, this adorable giraffe is also great for muffling noise and blocking out light. The menagerie of other animals available includes a pink unicorn and a stripy zebra.

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Best Door Draft Stopper for Sliding Doors

The smartly shaped HOME DISTRICT Sliding Door Draft-Dodger ($30) is designed to fit snugly into the shorter patio door track, while fully extending the length of both doors. Weighted with gravel to stay in place, it comes in brown, tan, gray, burgundy, navy or brown tweed.

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Best Heavy-Duty Door Draft Stopper

Don’t forget that your garage and outbuildings have doors too. This Rubber Garage Door Bottom by M-D Building Products is a bulk roll (100 feet) of leak-busting weather stripping. Made from tough TPE cellular rubber, the stripping keeps cold air, dust, leaves and moisture out of your garage while providing a flexible seal with shock-absorbing cushioning to reduce wear-and-tear on doors. It installs easily with nails (not included).

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Best All-Around Door Draft Stopper

Taking only seconds to install (just slip it under the door), the double-sided MAXTID Under Door Draft Blocker ($20) fits doors up to 38 inches wide and covers gaps of a full inch-and-a-half. Reduce drafts, heating bills and back strain — no need to bend over every time you open and close the door — this draft blocker stays put as it easily slides back and forth across the floor.

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Cutest Door Draft Stopper

Perfect for bedrooms, put yourself to sleep by counting these eight adorable “bleaters.” The Decorative Sheep Door Draft Stopper Guard ($70) is a flock of sentries, lined shoulder-to-shoulder, to guard against wintry drafts. Weighted with quartz sand, each little “mutton chop” is made from fluffy faux wool with a cute brocade face, ears and feet. At 32 inches long, you can also use it on your fireplace hearth. (Note: This is not a toy).

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