7 Best Window Draft Stoppers

With winter right around the corner, learn how window draft stoppers can help keep your home cozy and warm this season.

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Buying Window Draft Stoppers

Winter is coming, so now’s a great time to start preparing your home for the chilly weather ahead. One easily DIYable way to stop cold air from entering your home is with energy-efficient window draft stoppers.

Also called draft blockers, window draft stoppers come in various forms — fabric snakes, thermal drapes, weatherstripping and more. Different homes require different solutions. But no matter what kind of window draft stopper you choose, it will help you save money on your utility bills.

Here is our roundup of the best window draft stoppers for winterizing your home.

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Best Thermal Drapes

The H.VERSAILTEX Geo Printed Blackout Curtains give your home a custom look at a ready-made price. Their triple woven construction not only insulates your home from cold drafts that can come through your windows, but it also filters out 90 percent of the sun’s rays. So they’re perfect to hang in the bedroom of a late-morning sleeper or someone who works a night shift.

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Best Repurposed/Combo

Versatile and cute as the dickens, the Decorative Sheep Door Draft Stopper Guard makes an effective windbreak on window sills, the bottom of doors and across fireplace hearths. It’s sturdy, weighted with quartz sand. No matter where in your home you find this flock of eight, they’re guaranteed to keep you comfortable and smiling all winter long.

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Best Removable Caulk

Unless you live in Miami or Los Angeles, you most likely keep your windows closed during the winter months. Dap 18354 Seal ‘N Peel Removable Caulk is a smart and affordable way to form a draft-proof, watertight seal around windows, inside and out. When spring arrives, Dap’s clear caulk pulls off easily without damaging painted surfaces.

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Best Shrink Film

Did you know that cold air can flow through closed windows? The DIY-friendly Duck Brand Window Insulator Kit is an inexpensive solution that limits heat loss through the glass, increasing the R-value of a single-pane window by 90 percent. The film blocks cold air and not the view, as the clear film shrinks into a draft-defying seal when heat is applied with a hair dryer.

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Best Cellular Shades

Combining modern style and performance, the CHICOLOGY Cordless Cellular Shades Blackout Window Blind provides an outstanding draft and heat barrier during the winter (and the summer). CHICOLOGY’s signature honeycomb cells contain multiple air layers that trap warm air in your home and keep cold air out. Child and pet safe, the cordless blinds open and close with a slight pull.

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Best Weatherstripping

Old and cracked weatherstripping around windows can be a major cause of drafts about windows, and it’s often overlooked. Replace it now with KELIIYO Door and Window Weatherstripping. This self-adhesive, foam product is highly rated for its gap-blocking and soundproofing capabilities. Besides stopping drafts and air leaks, it also holds back dust, water and insects.

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Best Bay Window Insulation Hack

Too often, bay windows aren’t properly insulated or caulked, causing the indoor sill to feel like a block of ice. For an easy DIY fix, add R-3.3 Foam Insulation by Super TUFF-R to the underside of the outdoor portion of the sill. Cut the foam insulation to size, screw into the bottom of the exposed sill and caulk around the perimeter. The lightweight polyisocyanurate foam is Energy Star compliant, durable and moisture resistant.

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