Tesla Expands Sales at Home Depot (For a Limited Time)

Updated: Mar. 25, 2022

Take advantage of Tesla solar kiosks in your nearest Home Depot before it's too late.

Tesla has become a name synonymous with sustainability. The company makes and sells electric vehicles, solar panels and energy storage products. The company has made great strides to become more accessible, including its Model 3, Tesla’s cheapest car yet, costing around $35,000 in a first attempt at winning over mainstream car buyers. The company announced its expansion to Home Depot earlier this year, revealing its plans to set up kiosks in more than 600 Home Depot stores, with plans to expand further.

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However, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk recently confirmed that the company will be exiting its partnership with the home improvement giant. Most of the Tesla employees currently working at Home Depot will be given the opportunity to move over to Tesla retail locations. The move was motivated by a need to cut 9 percent of Tesla’s total workforce to reduce costs and help the company become profitable.

However, you can still take advantage of the original partnership if you’re near a Home Depot that currently has the kiosks.

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Tesla has been selling its residential rooftop solar panels and Powerwall, a battery designed for home that stores the energy generated by solar panels, in Home Depot for months. The move came as a means for reaching customers that might not be familiar with the company’s products.

At the Tesla-branded kiosks, staffed by its own employees, real-time demonstrations of rooftop solar and Powerwall storage provide potential buyers the opportunity to get better acquainted with the products.

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A home address and satellite imagery are used to estimate sunlight, shading and other rooftop factors. The customers can request a customized quote, as well as schedule an on-site complimentary energy consultation from a Tesla operations representative.

Want to get in on the action before time’s up? Enter a zip code to confirm availability in your area, then submit your contact information. You’ll get a call from a member of the Home Energy Services team to schedule a free in-home consultation.

Photo: Courtesy of Tesla