If You See This Tag on Your Favorite Home Depot Item, Stock Up

Use this Home Depot price tag hack to stock up on your home improvement must-haves.

You might be familiar with some other popular stores’ pricing conventions—Target’s secret pricing codes, for example, or even Costco’s symbols on price tags. If you’re an avid Home Depot shopper, you’ll be thrilled to discover that Home Depot’s price tags follow a predictable pattern, so the next time you see a product marked down, you can easily figure out if it’s the best price.

Have you ever noticed a Home Depot price tag that ends in a three or a six? If so, you’ve encountered a product that is on clearance. If you’re a savvy shopper, you always want to make sure you’re getting the best possible price for an item. That’s where this Home Depot price tag hack can help.

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What’s the Home Depot Price Tag Hack?

By learning this Home Depot price tag trick, you can uncover if you’re getting the best possible price for an item or if it will be further reduced.

When products are first moved to clearance, they’ll be marked with a yellow price tag and the price will likely end in 00, 98, or 50. If you see this, keep moving—if the product doesn’t sell, it will decrease in price.

Items that don’t sell get a second round of reductions, which typically end in a 6. If you see a clearance item that ends with this number, this indicates the item has been marked down two times now. Plus, the .06 reveals that the product will stay at this price for six weeks. For instance, if there’s a tool that was $39.99 marked down for $16.36, that’s the product’s second price reduction.

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Here’s where the hack comes in. According to TikTok user @andycole08, the best time to stock up on a product is when you see the Home Depot price tag ending in a 3. Why? Because this is the product’s final markdown. This follows the same convention as .06, so products ending in .03 will be priced as such for three weeks. When you see a yellow clearance tag ending in .03, you can rest assured this is the lowest price you’ll get for the product. For instance, if you see a product that was $20.99 marked down to $3.53, that is the lowest price you’ll get.

So next time you’re at Home Depot, keep an eye out for those bright yellow tags ending in a 3. You’re most likely to find clearance items on an end cap, so check there first. Sometimes you’ll find clearance items mixed in with full-price inventory, too, so if there’s a particular product you’re looking for that you can’t find on an end cap, check its regular aisle. And don’t forget to check the best time to go to Home Depot so you have more time to peruse the clearance section.

Does It Work Every Time?

It’s possible that your product is mismarked, but this is a highly reliable hack that will help you guarantee you’re getting the best possible price for your Home Depot items. Of course, it takes a little patience to wait for the product to be further reduced, and some luck that it doesn’t get bought up before then, but with this hack, you’ll save the most cash on all of your home improvement project needs.