Check Out the Smart Bird Feeder That’ll Send You Selfies of Your Birds

Updated: Jan. 04, 2024

Ever wanted to get a closer look at the birds that visit your feeder? The Bird Buddy smart camera feeder lets you do just that.

Living in the woods of Northern Ontario, Canada, my wife and I get to enjoy lots of natural beauty including many woodland creatures who occasionally visit our cabin site. Some of our favorite visitors are the birds who perch on our bird feeders regularly.

The trouble is, most birds are too skittish to let us get close enough to snap decent photos with our smartphones. My wife’s been trying for years and has discouragingly few good bird pictures to show for it. She did eventually convince a particularly brave chickadee to land in her seed-filled hand for a few moments last year, but this took months of coaxing. Luckily for us and other bird lovers around the world, there’s an easier way—the Bird Buddy smart camera feeder.

What Is the Bird Buddy Bird Feeder?

Birdbuddy Selfie Bird Feeder Post Courtesy Bird Buddy Courtesy Bird Buddy

The Bird Buddy Feeder is an elegant, modern-looking 9×6-inch bird feeder with a built-in photo and video camera which automatically transmits images of feathered visitors to a linked smartphone or tablet. Entering the market as a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2020, the Bird Buddy makes it much easier to enjoy birds without scaring them off and captures some stunning visuals of your feathered friends in the process.

How Does It Work?

Blue Bird Selfie Birdbuddy Selfie Bird Feeder Post Courtesy Bird Buddy Courtesy Bird Buddy

The rechargeable camera built into each Bird Buddy works with a custom app that alerts homeowners when birds are at their feeder. It uses your home’s Wi-Fi connection to stream closeup photos and videos to your mobile device. Once your mobile device receives and processes images of your latest feathered visitors, the app uses AI to identify each bird photographed by species.

The feeder itself is weatherproof, sturdy and well-built. It’s got a protective roof and transparent walls on two sides, making it super easy for birds to spot the tasty seeds within. Speaking of seeds, the unit holds just under 4 cups and has an openable rear door to make refilling simple.

When and Where Can I Get One?

Product Lineup Bird buddy Selfie Bird Feeder Post Courtesy Bird BuddyCourtesy Bird Buddy

According to the Bird Buddy official website, if you order your Bird Buddy right away your order may be included in the batch the company is planning to ship out in June 2023.

Want to start photographing and identifying your feathered visitors ASAP? Visit to pre-order a unit and receive it as soon as possible. The basic model currently costs $249, but it’s currently on sale for $199, along with many of their products! High demand seems to be causing some delays in delivery, but that’s not stopping the company from developing new products. It’s currently in the final stages of an overwhelmingly successful second Kickstarter campaign to fund its latest projects: a Bird Buddy camera-equipped hummingbird feeder and bird bath.

Once you get your feeder, don’t forget to look up how to attract birds to your yard!