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15 Best Birdbaths and Fountains for Feathered Friends

Birds that won't come to feeders may visit a birdbath. We found the best birdbaths and fountains to attract birds to your backyard.

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15 Best Birdbaths And FountainsVIA MERCHANT

Until you start attracting birds to your backyard, you won’t realize how much you’ll enjoy having these feathered friends fly in for a visit. Even if you don’t want to feed the birds, they’ll still enjoy taking a dip in a birdbath. 

Birds seek water for hydration and bathing, especially in the hot summer months. Providing a birdbath or fountain is an entertaining focal point to your sanctuary. We’ve rounded up the best birdbaths with consideration for value, style and functionality.

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Metal Peacock Birdbathvia merchant

Metal Peacock Birdbath

Add a birdbath to your outdoor space that’s equal parts art and attractive to birds. This metal peacock birdbath fits the bill. Fill the glass bowl on the peacock’s back with water to create a hangout for backyard birds. The glass bowl comes off for easy cleaning.

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Deck Mounted Birdbathvia merchant

Deck Mounted Birdbath

The best birdbaths for limited space on a deck give you a close-up view of their antics. This sturdy plastic birdbath is easy to mount to your deck railing with the included adjustable clamp—no tools are required.

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Solar Fountain Cascading Birdbathvia merchant

Solar Fountain Cascading Birdbath

Create a relaxing oasis for yourself and your favorite backyard birds! This solar-powered fountain will attract birds with its gentle sound that resembles a babbling brook. Running on solar power, the fountain charges during the day and automatically starts at dusk.

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Glass Birdbath With Metal Stakevia merchant

Glass Birdbath with Metal Stake

Hummingbird lovers will adore this colorful glass birdbath. You can easily move this birdbath around your yard or place it in your hummingbird garden. A 25-inch tall metal stake is included.

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Glass Solar Fountainvia merchant

Glass Solar Fountain

This eye-catching solar birdbath will make a statement in any backyard, grabbing the attention of birds and passersby. A hidden solar panel charges the LED lights throughout the day. Dusk brings this dazzling birdbath to life.

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Classic Pedestal Birdbathvia merchant

Classic Pedestal Birdbath

Made of durable resin, this classic pedestal style birdbath will withstand all types of weather to attract birds year-round. The shallow basin is especially ideal for songbirds.

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Colorful Hanging Birdbathvia merchant

Colorful Hanging Birdbath

Here’s a hanging glass birdbath that’s as much garden decor as it is a birdbath! This hanging birdbath is a breeze to refill and clean, and it’s easy to hang from a tree branch or shepherd’s hook. Bonus: If you already have a birdbath, use this as a bird feeder.

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Hanging Two In One Birdbath And Feedervia merchant

Hanging Two-in-One Birdbath and Feeder

If you want to start bird watching, this affordable double-duty hanging birdbath and feeder is the no-frills way for bird watchers to get started. It’s easy to fill, to clean and hangs from a branch or shepherd’s hook. 

The large feeder has a mesh bottom to keep seeds dry. Made with durable plastic in your choice of three earth-tone colors. Hang the two pieces separately or stacked vertically.

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Ground Birdbathvia merchant

Ground Birdbath

Bardem birdbaths add style to your garden. Sparrows, juncos, goldfinches, grouse and doves will flock to your yard with a birdbath on the ground. With the look of ceramic, this lightweight fiber clay bowl is easy to move and clean.

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Moose bird bathvia merchant

Moose Birdbath

This two-foot-tall resin moose birdbath will add rustic charm and a touch of whimsy to your yard. It’s unusual yet functional, offering plenty of perching spots for birds. Made of weather-resistant resin, this birdbath will attract birds year-round.

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Rosalez Birdbathvia merchant

Rosalez Birdbath

If you’re looking for style coupled with quality, this is one of the best birdbaths for long-term use. This metal birdbath perches on a pair of elegant herons, with a small songbird on the basin. It will look gorgeous in any garden for a long time.

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Sunflower fountain birdbathvia merchant

Sunflower Birdbath Fountain

This solar glass birdbath fountain comes with an easy-to-install pump that circulates water from a hidden reservoir. It automatically turns off when the sun goes down. During the day, the moving water attracts hummingbirds.

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Solar Fountain Pump Kitvia merchant

Solar Fountain Pump Kit

Already have a birdbath? No problem. This solar pump kit will turn your current birdbath into a fountain that is sure to attract even more birds. Placing it in full sun will make the fountain stronger.

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Tabletop Frog Fountainvia merchant

Tabletop Frog Fountain

The Gada Ceramic Solar Fountain is a delightful little solar-powered fountain that birds will love to play in. Place it on a table, pedestal or ground to keep the critters hydrated. This unit needs full sun to work as a fountain and includes the pump plus a 10-foot cord to the solar panel.

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Succulent Bird Nest Tree Stump Birdbathvia merchant

Succulent Bird Nest Tree Stump Birdbath

If you adore cardinals, this is the perfect birdbath for you. Its durable resin lasts years, and the natural look will blend into your landscape. You could also use this as an indoor decorative piece. A nest tops the tree trunk, with faux green succulents on the sides.

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What are the best birdbaths to attract birds?

The best bird baths and fountains depend on the birds you have and would like to attract. Generally, three inches of water in a basin is enough for most birds. 

Everyone loves watching the miraculous little hummingbird. If you want to attract hummingbirds to your yard, providing nectar flowers and a special place to bathe is a surefire way to attract them.

Hummingbirds also like moving water, so an outdoor fountain is not only a soothing focal point in your garden, it might be irresistible to hummingbirds too. 

Some ground-dwelling birds, like sparrows and juncos, prefer bathtubs closer to the ground, where they would find them in nature.

Non-migratory birds like cardinals need access to water in the winter and will adopt your yard if you provide a heated bath.  It’s easy to heat your bird bath if you have access to electricity. Having a feeder nearby will help the birds find their new spa!

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