This Shepherd’s Hook Planter Is a Genius Hack for Hanging Bird Feeders

Updated: May 15, 2023

It's sturdy, it's moveable, it's beautiful!

Watching birds fly around your yard is one of the great joys of spring. Whether you’re a serious birder or just a casual onlooker, it’s hard not to smile when watching these colorful creatures flit about. One of the key ways to attract birds to your yard is to add a bird feeder. Choosing the right one is important, but there are so many factors to consider, from whether you have a tree to attach to, to whether you want to implant cement in your yard to secure a post.

Fortunately, TikToker Your Barefoot Neighbor (@yourbarefootneighbor) came up with a sturdy, nonpermanent solution that can add instant curb appeal to any house. It doesn’t require a tree or any cement but is still strong enough to support multiple feeders and birds. Here’s how you can build one for yourself.

What Is a Shepherd Hook Planter Bird Feeder?

In the video, Your Barefoot Neighbor creates a bird feeder using a double-sided shepherd hook and a cylindrical planter. Watch him do it below.

@yourbarefootneighbor I am really happy with how my bird feeder turned out! #birdfeeder #easydiy #diy #weekendproject #backyardvibes #homedepot ♬ original sound – Your Barefoot Neighbor

How Can I Build a Shepherd’s Hook Planter Bird Feeder?

If you’d like to build a shepherd hook planter bird feeder yourself, the process is quite simple. All you need is a shepherd’s hook, a large planter, a power drill and of course, some soil and flowers along with your favorite bird feeder.

According to the video, drill holes in the base of your planter where they will line up with the prongs of the shepherd’s hook using the power drill, and simply screw the prongs of the shepherd’s hook into the bottom of the planter. You might need some sort of hammer to get them fully inserted. You also might want to use the power drill to drill a few more holes in the planter for drainage. Fill the planter with soil and flowers, then hang your bird feeder on top of the shepherd’s hook.