Reddit Users Share Their Hysterical Robot Fails

Updated: Oct. 13, 2023

They're supposed to make life more carefree, but sometimes robot devices cause mayhem. These robot fails will make you laugh, cringe and take note.

Lightspruch/Getty Images

Robot devices are supposed to be innovative, fun, time-saving products that make life easier. But just like humans, robots make mistakes. We scoured Reddit to dig up the funniest examples of times robots made life temporarily, hilariously miserable.

1. A ‘Messy’ Clean Up

One Reddit user uploaded an uncomfortably vivid image of just how gross robot fails can be. According to the photo caption, “My brand new Roomba ran over my puppy’s [expletive] and proceeded to ‘clean’ the rest of my home.”

Other Reddit users chimed in with their disbelief and disgust, with one user saying, “I can smell this picture, and it makes me want to gag. RIP Roomba.”

2. Flawless ‘Spot’

The tricky issue with robot vacuums is that sometimes they get stuck! And if you’re not home, you can’t be there to get the machine back on track. One Reddit user found this out the hard way. They posted a video of their robot vacuum stuck beneath a chair, bouncing off each of the four legs. “I thought I’d leave it on while I went out for a couple of hours and return to a spotless flat. I was wrong.”

The Reddit thread that follows is hilarious, with one user saying:

“Instead of a spotless flat you got a flawless spot.”

And another chiming in, “Your chair shall slide freely for at least an entire day.”

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3. ‘Get a Roomba You Two!’

“Ummm… [what] did I just walk in on?” captions a Reddit user of a “suggestive” video of a robot vacuum on top of a scale. Other users couldn’t help but make hilarious puns:

“This is how Amazon Echos are made.”

“So I come home one night, go to the bathroom, and there’s my roomba, getting it on with the scale. Nine months later, I got a bunch of little scalebas all over the house, telling me I’m fat, and I’m a slob (ba-dum) — whoa — (tiss) I tell ya, I don’t get no respect.”

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4. A Cat’s Worst Enemy

“Behold the [expletive] flipper,” captions a Reddit user of a video showing how inefficient their robot litterbox is. But it was another user’s comment that had people laughing.

“We have this exact litterbox and can’t keep it ever plugged in. Our cats will hiss and swat at it when it’s running,” they say.

Another user responds with, “I spent a small fortune on one of these. But my cat was terrified of it and refused to use it.”

And maybe the funniest reply, “We had one of these years ago. I think we kept it for a week? It smeared the poo more than it scooped it. And sometimes it would catch right at the end, then pop up and literally fling poo up and across the floor. Not to mention the cats were obsessed with watching it move and learned to put their toy mice in to watch it move. Over. And over. And over. And over.”

5. ‘Like a Drunk Toddler with a Broom’

“I think I now know what it’s like to have a toddler roam around your house, a drunk toddler,” says a Reddit user. “I have a love hate relationship with this little dude. He has an uncanny [k]nack of finding the most random places to get stuck in, and will wait until I’ve left to make a beeline to said placed. A normal bath rug will completely immobilize him, and every time I think I have toddler/robot proofed my apartment he will find a new and improved place to wander into and throw a tantrum, sometimes even somehow locking himself in the bathroom… He will actually close the door, lol.”

6. A Robot’s Personal Toilet

“University bought a robotic lawn mower to save money. It became self-aware and is now turning the lawn into a mud pit,” a Reddit user captions a photo of a robotic lawn mower in the mud.

Another user chimed in with a helpful tip. “That Husqvarna may not have its weather mode turned on hence the mud.”

But a third user pointed out the ‘obvious.’ “No no, that’s robot [expletive].”

7. ‘Robomower Just Wanted to Stay Warm’

“So parents invested in a robot mower last week. Here is what’s left. It drove itself onto the fire,” captions one person of their photo uploaded to Imgur. The photo created quite the stir on Reddit, with users weighing in on one of the most hilarious robot fails.

“I guess it just wasn’t up to the cut,” one quipped.

8. Cat Thief

“I got a timed feeder for my cat to try to help him lose weight. He sleeps like this now,” captions a Reddit user of a hilarious photo showing their resilient cat waiting for more food to drop into the bowl of the robot feeder.

“That bottle next to him makes your cat look like he fell asleep eating late night munchies after a crazy night out! Party animal…” comments one user.

“Seems like many of us, hoomans, could use such a dispenser ourselves,” says another Reddit user.

9. Boundary Issues

“My [expletive] robot vacuum tried to eat my cat’s food,” reads the caption of a video showing a robot vacuum running into a cat feeder repeatedly.

One person had a hilarious response to the video, saying, “Looking like some boundary issues with your other pets. Next time you feed them, try keeping the robot’s food bowl a fair distance away from the cat’s. If he tries to go for the food that’s not his, try chasing him away with some firm scowling.”

10. Watch Out for Wasps!

This robot fail might make your skin crawl! A video on Reddit shows two men using a GoPro drone in a yard. They must have been new to the drone world because the robot rammed right into a wasp nest! What follows is many disturbing minutes of wasps going crazy outside of the nest, swarming the camera.

“Well now I know what it would look like to face plant into a wasp nest…repeatedly,” says one Reddit user.

“This video makes me feel like actual wasps are crawling all over me,” says another user.

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