12 Amazing Scarecrows

Updated: Sep. 29, 2023

Whether used for decoration or to keep pests away, scarecrows can be a fun addition to your yard and garden. From funny scarecrows to scary ones, here are 13 amazing scarecrows to inspire you.

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faceless scarecrow

Faceless Scarecrow

Your scarecrow doesn’t have to have a distinct face to keep the birds away. This scarecrow is faceless, yet still frightening enough to keep the pests away from your crops.

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armless scarecrow
Arunee Rodloy/Shutterstock

Armless Scarecrow

Don’t feel like you must create the perfect scarecrow to get the job done. This scarecrow doesn’t have any arms, but when placed in an open field, it discourages birds from disturbing the plants.

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simple scarecrow bucket head
BAO-Images Bildagentur/Shutterstock

Strawless Scarecrow

No straw? No problem! This scarecrow uses a wooden post draped with a long jacket for the body along with a bucket for a head.
Choose the right 4×4 wood for your strawless scarecrow.

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classic scarecrow pumpkins fall
Alexandar Iotzov/Shutterstock

Decorative Scarecrow

Who says a scarecrow must be in the garden? This scarecrow sits on a bale of straw and is surrounded by gourds to make a nice fall decoration.

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goat scarecrow
Sandy Morelli/Shutterstock

Goat Scarecrow

For a different look, try giving your scarecrow an unexpected face or head. This scarecrow’s head makes it looks like a goat!

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Scarecrow Party

It’s a scarecrow party! Use some long sticks or branches as the base for a scarecrow, wrap with straw and dress them with some old clothes. Place the scarecrows together or scatter them around the garden.

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scary scarecrow

Scary Scarecrow

This scary scarecrow will not only keep garden pests away, it may also be scary enough to frighten some trick-or-treaters. By using some sticks as hands, it almost creates a Freddy Krueger look.

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masked scarecrow

Masked Scarecrow

If you have an old mask, try using it for the scarecrow’s face. This scarecrow almost looks real from a distance, thanks to the mask.

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scarecrow with sunglasses

Scarecrow with Shades

Sunglasses give this scarecrow a laid-back, cool look. Make a trip to the thrift store to find clothing and accessories for your scarecrow.

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Reading Scarecrow

This scarecrow is reading all about how to scare the crows! Don’t be afraid to use a little humor when building your scarecrow.

Photo: Courtesy of StripeyAnne’s Blog

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Hooty Owl

This owl scarecrow will frighten squirrels, birds, mice, chipmunks and more with its motion-activated sounds and flashing eyes! And it’s weatherproof and solar powered. What more could you want?

Photo: Courtesy of Livin’ Well

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Scarecrow Sprinkler

This motion-activated sprinkler startles garden invaders with harmless bursts of water. The sprinkler protects 1,200 square feet and is powered by a single 9-volt battery for up to 6 months.

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Photo: Courtesy of Home Defiance