Top 10 Products DIYers Hate to Use

Updated: Apr. 08, 2024

These tools are supposed to simplify things but often they leave people frustrated.

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Nut Splitter

A nut splitter seems like an ideal tool to remove rusted-on nuts but many DIYers have reported that it’s not such an effective tool because it can slide off the nut, leaving you in the same predicament as before. There are plenty of other tools around and solutions to loosen stuck screw, bolts and nuts, including this homemade fix to loosen stuck nuts.

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Foam Paint Edger

A foam paint edger is supposed to make cutting in easier during a painting project but more often it can complicate matters. The foam paint edger is supposed to eliminate taping but since it’s foam, it’s tough to get an even coat of paint. Try these best tips for cutting in paint to make easier work of the job.

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Adjustable Wrench

Adjustable wrenches can be great for some tasks but they’re notoriously fickle and often don’t stay tight enough to work like you intend them. These are must-have tools for savvy DIYers.

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Automatic Hammer

An automatic hammer sounds good on the surface but in practice the results are mixed. An automatic hammer can reach places an ordinary claw hammer can’t, but an automatic hammer has some noise issues with it, plus it can take longer than a regular hammer. You’ll wonder why you didn’t know any of these handy hammer hacks earlier.

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Smart Paint Roller

A smart paint roller is designed to make painting go quicker and create less of a mess but many users have found them to leak paint and create more of a headache than it’s worth. DIYers have also complained about the roller wearing out quickly. Use these indoor painting tips and techniques for an easier time.

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Roto Zip

The Roto Zip shows up in Internet forums as a tool met with disdain because it doesn’t do a great job with cutting drywall. It’s known to create a lot of dust and it’s loud. Users have complained about its short lifespan as well. Master the basics of drywall by learning how to cut drywall.

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Battery Powered Clamps

Battery powered clamps seem like a possible time-saver but many users say they’re in fact the opposite. Learn these 28 secret clamping tricks from woodworkers.

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Car Window Crank Removal Tool

If you still have a vehicle that has a window crank handle or if you remember trying to remove a car window handle at some point then you’ll easily recall how frustrating the window crank removal can be to use. Some how it hardly ever seems to work and usually there’s another solution to the problem. If your power windows are acting up, you’ll want to know these tips to fix a broken power window.

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Wire Stripper

Using a wire stripper can turn into a frustrating proposition as it can fail on a few tries and finding the right gauge size on the stripper can become problematic as those identifiers wear out on a wire stripper. Fortunately, we’ve got a guide onĀ how to strip different types of wire.

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Battery Powered Tape Measures

Some people like battery powered tape measures because it can free up a hand for them while they work on a project. Other people can’t stand them because they take too long to recoil. Discover the best tape measures out there and some clever hacks along the way.