Igloo Trailmate Journey Cooler Review: Fulfilling All Your Summer Tailgating Needs!

Updated: Mar. 18, 2024

We’ve had our eyes on the new Igloo Trailmate. Here’s the scoop on what people are calling the Swiss Army knife of coolers.

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Sunny days are officially here (for most of us), and whether you plan on spending the brighter days on the beach, tailgating or picnicking with friends, you’re going to need a cooler for your snacks and sips. Cue Igloo’s newest cooler: The Trailmate Journey, which has been dubbed the “Swiss Army knife of coolers” thanks to its array of handy features. Bottle openers, storage areas, all-terrain wheels, you name it, the Igloo Trailmate Journey has it all—and then some.

We took a deeper look into the cooler that is currently selling out online, so you don’t have to. With its impressive ice retention capabilities powered by Igloo’s eco-friendly Thermacool technology and a host of convenient features, it will easily become your favorite tailgating companion. Here’s the full rundown on the new Trailmate Journey.

What is the Igloo Trailmate Journey?

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The Trailmate Journey is one of Igloo’s newest coolers. It has a telescoping easy-glide handle, aluminum construction and drain plug. Beyond those basic cooler features, the Trailmate Journey has bottle openers, a butler tray, cup holders, dry storage pockets, a mobile device stand, a food basket and more. Such features make the cooler a convenient choice for tailgating, picnicking and hiking, as you won’t need a designated rest area to enjoy a cold drink and food. Simply open the cooler wherever you are, pop out the butler tray and go to town. It even has an umbrella (or fishing rod) holder and tie-down loops for beach trips!

Igloo’s rugged Trailmate Journey also has oversized, all-terrain wheels so you can haul your goods across pavement, sand and grass. Its spacious 70-quart capacity fits up to 112 cans (that’s a lot of Bud Light) and keeps beverages cold for more than three days. No more soggy bread, either. There’s an interior food basket that keeps food suspended above the drinks so that sandwiches don’t get wet and nasty.

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Why We Love It

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The Igloo Trailmate Journey is specifically designed to be an all-in-one, versatile cooler for camping trips and food storage on the go, anywhere you choose to explore. Its large wheels and generous clearance ensure smooth navigation in any situation. It also boasts an extensive range of features, catering to all of your cooling needs. From holding your phone to accommodating a shade umbrella for the entire family, this cooler has you covered.

What’s even better? The Trailmate Journey comes with an affordable price tag, considering all the features it offers. Buyers have been highly impressed with its sophisticated design, giving it a high-end appearance. Not only is the Igloo Trailmate Journey functional, but it also looks incredibly stylish. If you’re in search of a sleek cooler with abundant features at an exceptional value, look no further.

It is worth mentioning, however, that some users noted concerns about the Trailmate’s durability. If you plan on subjecting it to extreme conditions such as rolling it down a mountainside, you may find it lacking in sturdiness. In addition, a few users have requested an extra latch on the lid. While the absence of lid latches ensures easy opening, we suggest using a bungee cord or a similar item in the lockdown loops if you anticipate your cooler being overturned during use. It may require a firm push to securely close the lid as well.

What Other Users Have to Say

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The new Igloo Trailmate Journey has already earned more than 1,000 five-star reviews. Here’s what buyers have to say.

Verified purchaser Cody Swat is a fan, writing: “Overall, really happy with this cooler. The look of it sets it apart from the others. Lots of additional features. Just took it on a weekend camping trip and got several compliments. I put in 2 large bags of ice Friday at 9 am. Got back Sunday at 12 pm and still had at least a full bag of ice left and it was over 80 degrees all weekend. It was definitely bigger in person than I thought it was going to be. And it was extremely heavy getting in the truck when it was full, so the big wheels were very helpful for moving it around.”

Tatiana U. says the cooler lives up to the hype, she boasts: “Awesome! Great buy. I was going to purchase the Yeti. But I liked the Trailmate Journey because of all the add ons. The wheels are big and go over bumps with ease… I can tell you, I had it for 2 days and everything inside stayed cold… There was plenty of storage space. And there is a sealed compartment on the outside so if you have anything you don’t want to get wet, it’s perfect… Love it!!”

Jessica Blue calls the Trailmate Journey the best cooler ever, “I got my husband this cooler for his birthday, and we absolutely love it!!! This thing goes through any terrain, the bottle openers are a lifesaver, the fishing pole holders are amazing and I didn’t realize how much I needed those until I actually had them and I love the tablet holder that’s on the lid. This cooler has everything you need!!”

Where to Buy the Igloo Trailmate

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To experience the Trailmate Journey firsthand, we suggest purchasing it on Igloo’s website now before it sells out. If you’re seeking a feature-packed, large cooler at a competitive price, the Igloo Trailmate Journey is our top recommendation. It’s guaranteed to elevate any outdoor adventure and make you the hero of your next tailgate.

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