How to Reduce Static Electricity in Your House

Updated: May 26, 2023

The shocking truth about taming free electrons!

What Is Static Electricity?

Static electricity results from the makeup of our bodies, according to the Library of Congress. We’re made of atoms, which feature three kinds of particles — protons (positively charged), electrons (negatively charged) and neutrons (neutral). An imbalance between positive and negative charges results in static electricity.

Say you walk across a rug, picking up electrons. You touch a metal conductor like a door handle. The electrons flow from you into the metal, giving you a static shock.

During the summer, the humidity in the air helps electrons flow off your body so you don’t build up a charge. The air is drier in the winter no matter what type of heating system you have, allowing a larger charge to build.

How to Get Rid of Static Electricity

Humidity will certainly help reduce static electricity, so installing a whole-house humidifier is one option.

Another option is treating your rugs with an anti-static chemical. Spray-on treatments are available at many carpet retailers and on Amazon. Carpet companies also sell anti-static carpets. Most residential carpets sold today have some sort of treatment applied at the factory.

What to Use to Eliminate Static Shock

Try anti-static shoes or anti-static spray.

Anti-static shoes are conductive safety footwear made from material that does not generate static electricity. According to Uvex Safety, shoes are anti-static if the measured contact resistance ranges between 100 kiloohm and one gigaohm. Anti-static spray has a similar effect but can be applied to any articles of clothing.