Elevate Your Lake House with Customizable Floating Docks

Updated: Oct. 27, 2023

These customizable floating docks are easy to inflate and offer fun and accessibility in a travel-friendly package.

It’s July, which means you’ve likely pulled your boat out from its winter storage and prepared it for summer.  Whether on a pontoon or motorboat, getting out on the water is something summer-loving families look forward to all year. But some summer homes and lakes don’t have a dock, which makes boarding and dismounting boats a treacherous activity.

Luckily, there’s a solution that keeps folks safe and enhances warm-weather activities on the lake or at the pool. Let us introduce you to our newest summertime obsession: customizable floating docks.

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What is a floating dock?

Floating docks are an easy, portable way to ensure that boats have an easy access point. This floating “home base” isn’t just an easy way to board a boat, though. Isle floating docks lock together using a connection system, so it’s possible to create a custom dock system or waterpark right on the lake—no wood boards or DIYing required.

They’re not just useful for fun, though. Floating docks help boat owners perform boat maintenance and remove water weeds since they allow access to deeper parts of the lake. No more pulling the boat to shore in order to perform a wax job—simply access it using the floating dock for a fast touchup.

Floating docks are modular, simple to assemble and offer almost unlimited configurations, much like a sectional couch. They come in two different sizes, including the 16-foot Runaway Dock and the wider, 10-foot Base Camp Dock. Both versions arrive with a hand pump, carrying system and float connect straps that help attach add-ons like a mini trampoline and dog access ramp.

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How To Use It

Setting up the docks is a lot like inflating lake toys. Just use the included pump to fill the dock up with air, then connect it to the shore or boat using the float connect straps. We love that the straps can be cut to a different length if desired—just use a lighter to seal the webbing end after cutting.

Once the dock is ready, unhook the boat from its trailer or pump up your inflatable kayak. If it’s the first time you’re using the boat for the season, now is the time you’ll want to perform routine maintenance. This includes checking and fixing any wiring, double-checking your boat insurance and organizing the interior for the season.

At the end of the season when it’s time to winterize the boat and trailer, simply deflate the dock and stash it in the garage for next year. Or, pop it into the boat itself for easy springtime retrieval. It folds away into a small bundle, so it fits easily into a cabinet next to the boat’s cleat towel storage rack. Because it’s completely packable, there’s no need to focus on winterizing the dock—that saves tons of time when it comes to end-of-season organizing!

Docking boats isn’t the only way to use floating docks, though. Set them up as a backyard slip-n-slide or pool floats that convert into a double lounger. Or, repurpose them into a campsite platform for added comfort and cleanliness. The possibilities are endless!

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Where to Buy a Floating Dock

Both the 16-foot and 10-foot Base Camp floating docks can be found on Isle USA’s website, along with add-ons like the dog access ramp and trampoline. Create your own water playground by mixing and matching the docks and accessories for an adventure that’s unique to your family.

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Runway Dock

A whopping 16 feet long and able to hold up to 600 pounds at once, the Runaway Dock is the longest of all the floating docks on Isle’s website. Because of the narrow width and extra-long length, use it as a double water lounger that fits two. It also works well as a slip ‘n slide when not on the water. Durable construction ensures that this dock will stay afloat summer after summer.

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Base Camp Dock

At 10 feet long and 6.5 feet wide, the Base Camp Dock fits more people with a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds. It also functions well as a side-by-side pool lounger. Use the Isle Link connection system to attach it to the Runaway Dock for a custom, modular setup. Or, pop it down at a campsite as a handy camping platform that keeps tents and gear clear of dirt.

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Dog Catcher

The aptly named Dog Catcher functions as a handy add-on for furry friends. Use the simple Isle Link connections to hook it up to the Base Camp or Runaway Dock. A sturdy net system sits in the water, making it easy for Fido to board the dock. It also works for paddle boards, kayaks, and boats—perfect for those who take their pooch on vacation!

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Chill or seek thrills when you set up a Tub-O-Line—or a system of them! Attach a few together with Isle’s modular docks for an at-home water jungle gym, or snag one on its own for smaller pools or yards. The best part? This trampoline doubles as a lazy donut lounger, too!

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