9 Boat Organization Hacks for the Summer

It's boat season! Prepare your vessel for smooth sailing with these handy boat organizer hacks.

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Boat Trash Bag

A day out on the boat can generate a lot of trash, and any loose pieces blow away when you drive across the lake. With this boat trash bag, every paper plate and wrapper stays contained. The hoop-top bag easily attaches to the boat. It holds more than 20 empty cans. Here’s what you need to know about boat insurance.

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Canvas Bags

Storage bins in general can be really helpful for boat storage and keeping things organized. But depending on the size of your boat, something with soft, foldable sides can allow for more flexibility. Store bulkier items like blankets and sweatshirts in waterproof canvas bags.

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Rope Boat Organizer

Ropes and lines on board your boat can make for major tangles. Avoid the mess by investing in an over-the-rail rope storage utility bag. Your boat will look cleaner while the bag provides easy access.

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Shoe Organizer

You can be extremely organized on your boat, but when guests come aboard things like their shoes can create instant obstacles to trip over. To ensure they don’t get in the way — or fly away, for that matter — try out this boat organizer for shoes. You can also wrap a bungee cord around a cooler or seat and slip the shoes under the cord for easy storage.

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Boat Storage Organizer Bag

When the weather is hot and you just have to jump ship and swim around for a bit, have an over-the-rail boat storage organizer bag. It lets you grab your sunscreen, beverage and more without leaving the water.

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Fishing Rod Storage Boat Organizer

On fishing trips, a clutter-free boat keeps things running smoothly. For proper organization, invest in a fishing rod holder. If you want to store more than just rods, try a tube unit, which stores fishing rods vertically and may have other storage holes for items like fillet knives and pliers.

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T-Top Storage Bag

Life vests are essential on boats, but they’re bulky and tough to store. Keep them neatly organized in a proper bag that can be attached beneath the T-top. This bag mounts easily to all T-tops and many pontoon tops, and has two zipper compartments and three mesh pockets to keep even more gear organized.

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Utilize Wall Space With Racks

Hanging artwork on your boat might not be your first thought, but don’t overlook the walls just yet! They can be a great option for installing small racks in the galley to hold kitchen supplies. You can also use a hanging closet organizer to hold toiletries in the bathroom.

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Boat Caddy

Stash your sunglasses, beverage and other personal items in this boat organizer caddy. It mounts easily on vertical or flat surfaces. It’s great for small boats without a ton of cockpit storage.

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