Everything to Know About Strap Hinges

Updated: Aug. 18, 2023

If you like to see your door hardware, choose a strap hinge. With two long, narrow, exposed leaves, a strap hinge is unmistakable.

strap hingevia The Home Depot

There’s a time and place for hinges that all but disappear from view. But sometimes you want a hinge that begs to be seen. The strap hinge is one of those. This loud-and-proud hinge makes a visual statement like no other. But it works hard, too, creating an easy swing to gates and doors that other hinges couldn’t manage.

What is a Strap Hinge?

A strap hinge is distinguished by one or both of its leaves being long and narrow. (A hinge with a strap on one side and a butt-style hinge on the other is called a T hinge.) The long leaves provide extra stability in heavy-duty applications. That’s why they’re often used outdoors on gates. But strap hinges are also popular indoors for cabinets, when you want the hinge to be a design element. Strap hinges are available in many different materials and finishes, including iron, steel, stainless steel and brass.

How Do You Choose a Strap Hinge?

First, decide if you want a traditional strap hinge or a T hinge. Then consider the weight of the door or gate. The strap hinge you choose should be able to handle at least the weight you need. But, if the door weight exceeds what the hinge can handle, it will sag. Strap hinges vary in thickness; thicker ones can handle heavier doors. The number of hinges you need depends on the size and weight of the door. Use this guide for help in determining the size and number of hinges you need.

How Do You Install a Strap Hinge?

Strap hinges are surface-mounted with screws, so it’s important to carefully mark the holes to be drilled and to make sure the leaves align. To install T hinges, you have to mortise the butt portion and surface-mount the strap leaf.

Here’s how to fix door hinge screws.

What About Cost?

Inexpensive strap hinges start at less than $2 at The Home Depot for a simple zinc-plated 4-inch hinge. But you can spend a lot more for hinges that are decorative and made of other materials, like these at Signature Hardware.

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