Everything to Know About Ball Bearing Hinges

Learn about what makes ball bearing hinges the silent workhorses of the hinge world and how you might want to use them in your home.

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ball bearing hingevia amazon.comOpen, close, repeat. That’s the sweet and simple life of a door. And you can thank the ball bearing door hinge when it happens consistently without a hitch—or a squeak.

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What Are Ball Bearing Hinges?

Ball bearing hinges look very similar to standard butt hinges. The difference lies at the pivot point, where there are hidden bearings placed between the knuckles of the hinge, either between each knuckle (for heaviest applications) or just a couple of the knuckles. Ball bearing hinges are considered heavy-duty hinges. As a result, they’re more durable and tend to last longer than standard hinges that wear out more quickly because the knuckles rub against each other.

How Do Ball Bearing Hinges Work?

The bearings in ball bearing hinges (also called ball bearing butt hinges) reduce friction, which is especially helpful on heavier doors, like those at an entry or with an automatic closer. The bearings make opening and closing a door consistently easier, smoother and quieter.

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When Ball Bearing Hinges Used?

Besides entry doors, use them on any solid-core or wide doors in your home.

Do Ball Bearing Hinges Have Pins?

Yes, just like standard hinges, and the pins are typically removable. You can also get ball bearing hinges with fixed pins, however. The fixed-pin type is mostly used on entry doors, for security—when the hinges are accessible from the outside, the fixed pin makes it impossible for a would-be intruder to remove a pin and gain entry.

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How Much Do Ball Bearing Hinges Cost?

You’ll pay more for ball bearing hinges than standard hinges. And prices vary according to size, material and finish. At The Home Depot, ball bearing hinges range from less than $4 to $40 per set. Standard hinge prices start at $2 per set.

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