5 Best Ways To Attract Construction Business in 2024

Updated: Feb. 01, 2024

Builders looking to attract construction business in today's market have to take a new approach (or several). These tips will help.

DIY projects are becoming increasingly popular. With the cost of materials, labor and borrowing increasing, many homeowners — particularly younger ones — are willing to roll up their sleeves and handle projects themselves.

While that’s not great news for contractors, there’s still work out there. The following are some of the best ways to attract construction business in this changing climate.

Offer the Materials and Brands Homeowners Want

Some homeowners plan on spending less on home improvement projects, while others want to focus on certain aspects or touches. Knowing what items homeowners are looking for may help attract construction business.

According to Mower’s recent Homeowner Research Report, seven out of 10 homeowners say plumbing fixtures and flooring options are at least “very important” in building a new home. Also, more than three out of five homeowners have some say in brand selection for their appliances. The popular names? Samsung, Kohler and LG.

Another critical point to consider: Homeowners are looking for LED lighting, energy-efficient kitchen appliances and smart thermostats. Advertising that your company installs these items for renovations, additions and new construction projects could attract motivated customers.

Advertise Where Home Improvement Shoppers Are Shopping

The way home improvement customers find their contractors is changing. Word-of-mouth was the old standby. But today, shoppers are hitting the internet and perusing their smartphones to find construction professionals.

Mower’s report states 49 percent of homebuilding shoppers use search engines to find viable builders. Almost as many (47 percent) visit homebuilders’ websites where they can browse portfolios and galleries and get to know the team. Forty-six percent researched potential builders via social media.

Construction companies, remodelers, contractors and other pros looking to attract new business need to use online marketing channels to position themselves where their clients are shopping.

Know What Factors Homeowners Use To Decide

More than half of home improvement and new construction shoppers say price and reputation influence them the most in their decision-making.

More than half of shoppers listed competitive pricing as a factor. Fifty-three percent are looking for fair, market-correct pricing. This means that contractors who outprice their market may struggle to find business in this climate, regardless of the finish level of the home.

Reputation matters as well. Fifty-two percent of shoppers say a reputation for building quality homes is important to them and plays a role in their decision. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but if contractors aren’t building their reputations online with satisfied customers, prospective clients will know.

Use Modern Design Technology

The prospect of building a new home or starting a renovation is exciting, and homeowners often make emotional decisions that don’t always pan out in real life. Forty percent of homeowners say they would change one or more things about their new home after completion. It could be floor plans, size, colors or a bevy of other options.

Smart builders can avoid some of this with technology. Those who employ Building Information Model (BIM) can offer their customers a more realistic view of their project than a floor plan on paper. BIM allows users to navigate the space virtually, ensuring they like every color and the layout and size of each room.

BIM is becoming more and more popular with construction companies of all sizes, so builders working with designers who utilize it will be ahead of the game. Even if BIM modeling costs more, customers are more likely to be satisfied with the end result. That can translate to a better company reputation.

How Can Builders Market Services Online?

Building an online presence is one of the most important things a contractor can do to attract new business. After all, half of all their potential customers are finding contractors online. But the online landscape can be uncomfortable, especially social media. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Start a website that includes rough pricing, a portfolio, a blog and customer testimonials. An “About Us” page with details about the business and team is also a good touch.

  • Start a YouTube or TikTok channel and walk customers through projects at different stages. Contractors who aren’t comfortable in front of a camera should hire someone who is.

  • Use Instagram to post photos of projects and updates to stories to keep people engaged with project progress.

  • Use display ads to advertise services and showcase project homes. This can be especially helpful if the company is running a deal for the month or special incentives for a limited time.

  • Start an email newsletter that keeps prospective clients up-to-date with your projects and company. Offer special downloadable content such as checklists for home improvement shoppers or DIYers as an incentive for folks to sign up for the newsletter.

  • Ensure that the business is listed on “Google My Business.” This is one of the fastest ways to earn a presence on the first page of a Google search — the Golden Goose of internet marketing.

How Customers and Contractors Connect is Changing. Are You Ready?

The way that customers are finding and deciding on contractors today is much different than 30, 20, or even 10 years ago. Contractors who change their approach to attracting construction business will take better advantage of these changes and grow. They’ll convince would-be DIYers that nothing beats old-school experience, even if it’s mixing with a new-school approach.