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Push mowers, riding mowers and zero turns. Find out how to pick the perfect mower for your yard for the perfect cut.

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7 Essential Tips for Lawn Tractor Maintenance

Follow these pro tips for faster and better lawn tractor maintenance and tubeless tire repair. Good maintenance will prevent expensive repairs in the future.

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Family Handyman Approved: Toro Timemaster 30 Lawn Mower

Want to trim the time it takes to mow your grass? The Toro Timemaster 30 Lawn Mower will do the...

When Is the Best Time of Day To Mow the Lawn?

Warming temps and blooming flowers signify a return to yardwork. This includes mowing the lawn. But is there a best...

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The Family Handyman Approved Ryobi Cordless Tire Inflator Is a Worthy Addition to Your Garage

Air compressors require a lot of work if you only need them for a minute or two to top off...

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7 Best Robot Lawn Mowers for Hands Free Lawn Maintenance

Do you enjoy a freshly mown lawn but hate to do the mowing? A robot lawn mower may be the...

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7 Best Accessible Lawn Mowers for All Users

Finding an accessible mower for those with limitations can be surprisingly difficult. We cover a range of options and factors...

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The Best Lawn Mowers for Small Yards

Just because you have a small yard doesn't mean your lawn can't look great. Here are some of the best...

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The Best Gas Lawn Mowers

If you want power, a gas lawn mower will give you what you need. Here's a collection of eight top...

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8 Best Electric Lawn Mowers

The best electric lawn mowers help homeowners keep their lawns looking great while reducing emissions and maintenance time.

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The Best Riding Lawn Mowers

Thinking of upgrading to a riding mower? One of these great options may be perfect for you and your lawn.

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9 Best Reel Lawn Mowers

You may be surprised by the variety of reel lawn mowers on the market. Consider their key features to find...

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Family Handyman Approved: Sea Foam Motor Treatment

Keep your engines running smoothly.

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We Tried It: Worx Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

Tired of mowing the lawn every week? Me, too. What if there was an easier way? The Worx Landroid promises...

California’s New Law Could Change the Way You Shop for Lawn Equipment

The Golden State is set to ban gas-powered lawn equipment by 2024. Here's what it means for you.

Should You Rake Leaves or Just Leave Them?

Is raking up your leaves and taking them to the dump really the best course of action?

8 Lawn Mower Brands To Consider

Here are some of the most trusted brands of lawnmowers for DIYers, whether you have your first home with a...

5 Best Lawn Mower Attachments

Your lawn mower can do so much more. These attachments will add new functionality to this already useful tool.

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Stand-On Mowers: What To Know Before Buying

In the market for a riding lawn mower, but don't want the low back pain that often comes from too...

22 Common Household Items Turned Into Useful Yard Tools

Bet you’ve never thought to use a cereal box for lawn mower maintenance. Learn about this and other ways to...

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Electric vs. Gas Lawn Mowers

In the market for a new lawn mower, but not sure which type is best? Let us help you navigate...

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Electric Lawn Mowers: What To Know Before You Buy

Thinking of going electric? You're not alone. Electric mowers are becoming mainstream. Here are some considerations if you're thinking of...

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7 Best Electric Lawn Mowers of 2021

Are you tired of messing with lawn mower fuel and oil? Check out these seven great electric lawn mowers. One...

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7 Best Riding Lawn Mowers of 2021

Want to speed up your grass cutting, but unsure about which riding lawn mower to buy? Here are our top...

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The Best Push Mowers of 2022

Push mowers are perfect for smaller yards or mowing around obstacles. Here are eight of our favorites to consider.

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Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers: What to Know Before You Buy

What are the key features to look for in a self-propelled mower, and how do you know if these mowers...

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How To Clean or Change an Air Filter in a Riding Lawn Mower

Want to keep your riding lawn mower working well all the time? Knowing when to clean or replace a lawn...

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Yard Safety Tips for Commonly Used Equipment

Injuries can occur if the right safety precautions aren't adhered to while using lawn and garden equipment. Here are simple...

10 Signs Your Lawn Mower Blade Needs Sharpening

Notice your lawn looking a little uneven? That could be a sign it's time to sharpen your lawn mower blade.

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The Best Affordable Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers are an essential tool for many homeowners, but they can be expensive. Here's a roundup of affordable lawn...

Green Industry Expo to Return In-Person This Fall

After a year of virtual trade shows, the GIE+EXPO returns to its normal format this October.