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Become a better woodworker with these projects, tips and ideas for building furniture, cabinets and other woodworking projects.

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How To Build a Swing-Out Countertop

Need more counter space in your workshop? Here's a DIY solution.

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‘Girls Garage’ Book Empowers Young Women to Build, Believe

Emily Pilloton wants her book, Girls Garage, to inspire generations of young women to become "fearless builder girls."

41 Genius Sanding Tips You Need to Know

Save yourself some time and hassle during your next woodworking project with one (or 41!) of these genius sanding tips...

How to Remove Dents in Wood

Don't worry, it can be fixed!

Saturday Morning Workshop: How To Build A Folding Stool

Build a few of these small folding stools in an afternoon, and take them out camping or to sit around...

28 Secret Clamping Tricks from Woodworkers

Clamps are a woodworker's best friend, and there are endless ways to use them in the workshop. Here are 28...

Ready-Made Standoff Strips

Use carpet tack strips as finishing standoffs.

Saving Barn Wood, One Board at a Time

With an idea and a love of barns, this entrepreneur launched a business to preserve farming heritage.

14 Ways to Use a Rotary Tool That Will Have People Buzzing

These brilliant ideas may just inspire a renaissance of rotary tool use in your shop and beyond. Honestly, there isn’t...

How to Make a Portable Bench Vise

Instead of permanently mounting my 6-in. vise to a work-bench, I attached it to scrap plywood so I can clamp...

Safe Small Parts Jointer

Try this easy trick next time you need to quickly shape smaller parts.

Awl Right Phillips Screwdriver

Check out this clever workshop tip!

Easy-Reach Bench-Top Tools

Check out this workshop tip!

Trim Edge-banding with a Chisel

Check out this awesome edge-banding veneer trick.

Simple Way to Mark Cylinders

Try this incredibly easy trick for marking cylinders.

Sandpaper Cutter

Add this amazingly handy workbench addition that will save you time for years to come.

Quick Miter Fix

Miters are hard but this tip is really easy to fix them.

Sanding Station For Small Parts

Try this easily stow-able sanding station for some small projects

Magnetic Pants

A quick fix to the consistent losing of your tape measure.

Portable Router Table Base

Just when you thought you’d seen every possible use for your portable workbench (the Workmate bench is shown here), here’s...

How to Add a Workbench Power Strip

Screw a power strip to the side of your workbench and you won’t have to monkey with extension cords anymore...

Homemade Bench Pucks

Rockler sells little things called Bench Cookies . They’re useful when you need to space projects above the workbench for...

How to Make a Bench Hook

When you have to hold something in place while you chisel, plane, belt-sand or do anything that requires pushing or...

DIY Dictionary: Particleboard

particleboard definition

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Corner Glue Bead Begone!

Crimp the end of a drinking straw to make a V-shape, and push the straw firmly along the corner glue bead...

Poor Man’s Jointer

Lacking a jointer? Use reader Court Kites’ awesome tip to create perfectly matched glue joints on wavy or bowed board...

How to Build a Tool Barrow

Build this tool table! It organizes bench-top tools, rolls them right where you need them, then stands rock-steady when you...

Outfeed Plus for Your Table Saw

What’s the best way to support long pieces of wood when ripping them with your bench-top table saw?

Instant Bench Vise

Clamp a handscrew on your workbench and use it as a vise for holding boards on edge for planing, drilling...

In-and-out Benchtop Tools

Go clampless with bench-top tools! Determine a base width you can use for all the smaller power tools you own—grinder,...