Master these techniques and you’ll be transforming your lawn and upping your home’s curb appeal in no time.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Landscaping Gravel

Gravel and crushed rock aren't the same thing. Gravel consists of rocks and pebbles with rounded edges, and it's primarily a landscaping material.

This Service Simplifies Landscaping Projects—Get 15% Off ALL Design Packages

Need help drafting a landscaping design, connecting with contractors or sprucing up the front lawn with a few plants? Yardzen...

If You’re Laying Landscape Pavers, You Need This Easy Trick

Planning to spruce up your yard this summer with some concrete landscaping pavers? We review a popular TikTok hack claiming...

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8 Affordable Above-Ground Pool Ideas for Enjoyable Backyard Escapes

Don't let your budget stop you! Bring your backyard dreams to life with these creative and affordable pool ideas.

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Tips for Identifying and Repairing Mole Holes

Are moles making those holes in your yard? The answer may surprise you.

Amazon’s 5 Best Lawn Sprayer Models Will Give You a Picturesque Yard

These top-rated lawn sprayers make quick work of your gardening chores, thanks to the variety of spray patterns and attachments.

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10 Dry Creek Bed Landscaping Ideas

Whether you call them dry stream, creek or river beds, these rock and boulder landscape elements divert water and look...

The Best Greenhouse Kits on Sale for Helping Your Plants Thrive

No matter what space or budget you're working with, there's a greenhouse deal for you. Shop the 10 best, handpicked...

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Which Natural Weed Killers Will Work Best for You?

We talk with an expert about healthier choices for humans and the environment.

Exploring the Power King Wood Chipper Shredder: Review and Usage Guide

The Power King Chipper is called a beast for a reason—it quickly shreds your brush pile in a...

The Best Hedge Trimmer to Groom Your Greenery

We've rounded up some of the best hedge trimmers, along with advice on how to find the right gas or...

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Ego String Trimmer Review: Embracing the Powerload Feature for Effortless Weed Eating

Tired of replacing your trimmer's line? Grab the Ego String Trimmer with Powerload, which makes switching the string as easy...

The 6 Best Pole Saws to Trim Your Trees and Shrubs

Use this list of the best pole saw picks to ensure your tree pruning tasks are completed quickly and safely.

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How to Install an Egress Window

Adding a code compliant egress window makes a brighter, safer basement.

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6 Best Types of Mulch to Use in Your Landscape

Need to add mulch to your yard? From wood chips to pine needles, discover the top types of mulch and...

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How To Grade a Yard for Proper Drainage

The land around every house should be graded to protect the foundation from water damage. Here's how to grade a...

Can I Trim Bare Trees in the Winter?

Many people are surprised to learn winter is a good time to prune bare trees — weather permitting, of course.

How To Drain a Pool

If you live in a cold climate, you may need to partially drain your pool in the winter. Here's how...

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Here’s Why Mowing Leaves Is Better Than Raking Them

Mulching leaves is better for your yard, your back and your budget

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10 Easiest Plants To Overwinter

Overwintering tender annuals and tropical plants is a great way to keep your favorites from one season to the next.

Spooky Front Yard Halloween Decor Ideas to Thrill Your Neighborhood

Transform your front yard into a spooky or cute Halloween wonderland with these unique landscaping ideas.

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What Your Hydrangeas Can Tell You About Your Soil

Hydrangeas are beautiful perennials that come in a variety of hues. But did you know their color can give you...

What To Know About Digging a Well

Wells are usually dug by pros using heavy equipment, and they can be expensive. If you have a well in...

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Invasive Plants Taking Over Your Garden? Try This

Keep spreading plants from choking out the rest of your garden.

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Stihl Cordless Pruning Saw Review: Is This Battery-Powered Pruning Saw Worth Buying?

Kiss those hand-cramping pruners, shears and loopers goodbye. Try this Family Handyman Approved battery operated pruner instead.

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Long Sleeve Sun Shirt for Outdoor Protection and Comfort: Tested & Reviewed

Have some fun in the sun wearing this Family Handyman Approved work shirt with built-in UV protection.

10 Types of Japanese Maples

There are hundreds of types of Japanese maples, one more colorful and graceful than the next. Here are 10 of...

8 Best Solar Path Lights

Functional and eco-friendly, here are the best solar path lights to help you find your way around at night.