10 Outdoor Projects You Can Build with Composite Decking Boards

Updated: Aug. 11, 2023

Composite decking boards are highly resistant to rot and insects and they require little maintenance. These characteristics make them perfect for many projects in addition to decks. Here are 10 project ideas, using composite decking boards, for you to consider.

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The moisture resistance of composite decking boards makes them an ideal material for planters. The boards come in many colors to complement your deck or garden decor and they never need painting. Here are 10 easy-to-build planters and trellises for inspiration.

Want something smaller? Make you own tiered plant stand.

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Whether it’s a manufacturer’s sample or a piece of scrap, turn short, leftover pieces of composite decking boards into shelves. The pieces can also be used to display room numbers and building addresses. Check out these 12 heavy-duty garage storage racks.

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Cornhole Game

Cornhole boards (aka beanbag boards) built from composite decking boards can live outdoors year round. That frees up space in your shed or garage for other gear more susceptible to weather damage. (Note: The official rules of the American Cornhole Association say the surface must be plywood to be official.) Here are complete instructions for how to build DIY cornhole boards.

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Adirondack Chair

Outdoor furniture must endure the same heat, moisture and cold that decking does. So, why not build outdoor furniture from the same material? When you use composite decking boards for furniture projects, you don’t have to worry about annual refinishing. Here are complete instructions for how to build our favorite iconic Adirondack chair.

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Bird House or Bird Feeder

Composite decking boards can be cut, drilled and fastened like conventional lumber. Unlike wood, however, composite boards are defect free, so you can use every inch. If there are scraps, make them into a bird house or bird feeder. Here’s how to build a cantina bird feeder in two hours.

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Raised Garden Bed

Many, if not most, composite decking boards are suitable for ground contact. Use them to build a raised garden bed that will look great season after season. If you’re short on time, consider buying a raised bed kit.

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Playhouse Siding

Most composite decking boards aren’t suitable for structural use, but used as a siding material, they add real class to a kid’s playhouse.

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Trash Bin Enclosure

Out of sight, out of mind. And, that’s a good thing when comes to trash bins. Make an enclosure for your bins using composite decking boards. Not only do they withstand the elements, they’re easy to wash down if they get dirty. Here are nine great ways to disguise your trash.

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Bench Seating

Spartan to elegant, there’s a bench design to suit every decor. Build the bench using composite decking boards, and there is no risk of splinters or warping. How refreshing! 10 ideas for building an outdoor bar.

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Goat Milking Stanchion

No, we’re not kidding. According to goatstand.com, who sells this goat milking stanchion on Etsy, “An extra stool by the side is not necessary. Sitting on the base works great as you milk, feed or trim the hooves of your goats.” And many purchasers have given this product a 5-star review. It’s made of composite decking boards, treated wood and heavy-duty hardware. If you have goats, perhaps you also have a garden and need one of these 13 amazing scarecrows to protect it.