7 Eye-Popping Nanoleaf Design Ideas

Updated: Jan. 17, 2024

Get inspired by these Nanoleaf design ideas to bathe your home with a new kind of smart light.

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Nanoleaf Displays Collage
Courtesy @cosy.creative/Instagram, @happymodernart/Instagram, @homebyheena/Instagram

What Are Nanoleaf Personalized Light Panels?

Nanoleaf light panels are wall-mounted smart lights that can be customized to fit your home décor, reflect your mood, or integrate with other media like music or movies. They come in different shapes and options including hexagon, triangle, square and mini triangle (see more details below).

This is how they work: You purchase a starter kit that includes seven to nine panels. Then, using the included double-sided mounting tape, you hang the panels and connect them together into any desired layout. The result is an abstract design that lights up with 16 million colors!

What do Nanoleaf light panels do?

Once you’ve got your light panels installed, they work as a light source and an interactive art piece all in one. You can choose from those 16 million colors (except the Elements line that only uses white light). They range in white light temperatures from a warm 1,500 Kelvin to a cooler 4,000 K.

Maybe during a home workout, you light them up with energizing orange. Or if you’re relaxing with a book, choose a soft glowing white. Plus, the panels connect to each other and you can choose animations that flow between the panels. The panels can be controlled by touch, the Nanoleaf app on your phone or tablet, or with voice assistants like Alexa.

How do Nanoleaf light panels interact with other media?

Nanoleaf panels don’t just provide light. These smart panels feature a built-in Rhythm music sync, which allow them to react to music. Your Nanoleaf design senses audio and transforms it into a color and light display that syncs to the music in real time. Dance party, anyone?

You can also use the panels to enhance your experience while you’re watching a movie or playing a video game. In Screen Mirror mode, the colors from your screen are reflected on your panels for immersive entertainment. So as you watch orange and red explosions light up the TV screen during your favorite action movie, the Nanoleaf light panels will explode with the same light for an immersive effect.

What are the different types of Nanoleaf panels?

You can choose between four Nanoleaf options to fit your aesthetic and needs. Here’s a quick rundown of each one:

  • Elements: The Elements panels are hexagon shaped with a refined wood-grain texture, so they look good on and off. When on, they have a warm illuminated glow. These panels are more for a lamp substitute and geared toward home design customers. They only use cool white or warm white light, no other color options. Price: $250 for a seven-panel starter kit.
  • Shapes: The Shapes panels are available in hexagon, triangle and mini triangle. Features include 16 million color options, Music Sync and Screen Mirror. Price: $180 for a seven panel starter kit.
  • Canvas: The Canvas panels are square. That allows more design options because the panels can connect on all four sides. Features include 16 million color options, Music Sync and Screen Mirror. Price: $250 for a seven panel starter kit.
  • Lines: Instead of solid light panels, the Lines panels are backlit smart light bars. The design options are more intricate but give off less light than the solid panels. Features include 16 million color options, Music Sync and Screen Mirror. Lines also can light up with two color zones per line for more color combinations. Price: $200 for a nine line starter kit.
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Nanoleaf Corner Display
Courtesy @hadrive/Instagram

Corner Display

A line of Elements Nanoleaf panels light up the corner of a work and gaming setup by @hadrive. The line of panels arranged in a corner near the artwork provides soft light and pairs well with the LED lights on the desk. Elements is a great panel choice if you have other wood tones in the space. See how the panels tie in nicely with the wood desk top?

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Double Line Nanoleaf Display
Courtesy @white.grey.all.day/Instagram

Double Line

Here are two columns of Elements hexagons used in this cute bedroom by Bianca of @white.grey.all.day. Bianca says, “When they are off, we have a beautiful piece of art that we can move around and change shape. When they are on, with my phone I can change the light color and mood. So cool!”

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Intersecting Lines Nanoleaf Display
Courtesy @scorpio.exe/Instagram

Intersecting Lines

If you’re a gamer, Nanoleaf panels hung right above your gaming setup can create a more interactive experience. These three intersecting lines, designed by @scorpio.exe, light up the desk area and define this corner with an awesome arcade-like glow.

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Hexagon Panel Line
Courtesy @emersonintd/Instagram

Hexagon Panel Line

An organic line of Element hexagons can be placed wherever you need more light or wall décor. In this sitting area by @emersonintd, the Nanoleaf panels are perfect for reading or providing a relaxing ambiance.

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Triangle Panel Line Nanoleaf Display
Courtesy @cosy.creative/Instagram

Triangle Panel Line

Nanoleaf panels also work great in the bedroom, as seen here in this space by @cosy.creative. Notice how the light panels are next to the bedside lamp creating multiple light sources, which create depth and interest in the room.

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Interactive Wall Design Nanoleaf Display
Courtesy @happymodernart/Instagram

Interactive Wall Design

This insanely cool interactive wall feature by @happymodernart incorporates Nanoleaf Canvas panels as part of the design. The painted lines create a 3D effect around the panels, so they are part of the overall wall art rather than an afterthought. The panels can be controlled by touch, and include games you can play — perfect for a toy room!

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Hexagon Strand Nanoleaf Display
Courtesy @homebyheena/Instagram

Hexagon Strand

Here’s another hexagon strand of Elements panels created by @homebyheena. Displayed in this elegant dining room, you can see how the wood look of the Elements panels blend seamlessly with high end design.