How to Make a DIY Construction Worker Costume

Here's a fun and simple DIY construction worker costume for Halloween you can pull together with tools from the garage, plus a few extra props.

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Construction worker costume
Elizabeth Heath for Family Handyman

Construction Worker Costume-Making 101

If you’re stumped for how to dress up for Halloween this year, try this easy DIY construction worker costume. Almost everyone has an old pair of jeans, a pair of hiking boots or other sturdy shoes and a long sleeved-shirt (bonus points for plaid flannel).

And while I admit that I have an advantage in that my husband is a construction worker, a lot of these props are things you might already have at home. If not, they can be picked up for just a few dollars online or at your local home improvement store.

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Tool Belt

A tool belt is an essential part of this costume. If you don’t already have one and think you might actually use it after Halloween, consider this Husky 13-Pocket Tool Pouch as a belt or a bag. If that’s still too much investment, grab a $1.50 canvas work apron from The Home Depot.

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Construction costume tool belt
Elizabeth Heath for Family Handyman

Tool Belt Tools

Fill your tool belt with whatever hand tools you have around the house. We added a hammer, utility knife, carpenter’s pencils and a wire cutter, but anything handy works fine. We also added a small level, which, if you don’t already own will make a valuable addition to your DIY toolbox.

If you’re heading to a Halloween party, make sure you leave a spot for your beverage!

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Hard Hat

Like the tool belt, a hard hat sells the construction worker costume. You may not have one lying around the house, but they aren’t expensive. This hard hat costs less than $7 and comes in a range of fun colors.

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Safety Goggles

While they’re not essential, a pair of cheap safety goggles will add yet another touch of authenticity to this construction worker costume. If you’re taking this opportunity to invest in construction gear that provides superior eye protection when you really need it, try this anti-fog pair from DeWalt.

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Work Gloves

If you’re attending an outdoor gathering this Halloween, you’ll want a pair of gloves anyway, right? These multi-purpose work gloves make you look ready for your next heavy-duty project. And the rubber grips help you securely grasp any can, bottle, plate or treat bag.

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Work Boots

If you don’t have a pair of safety-rated work boots or hiking boots that look the part, consider rubber work boots. For less than than $20, you’ll then have the right boots on hand when you need to pour cement or work in a muddy garden.

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Work T-Shirt

We think any old t-shirt, flannel or long-sleeved shirt will work with this Halloween costume. But to be even more convincing, try a t-shirt branded with a tool manufacturer’s logo, like this inexpensive t-shirt from Klein Tools. It’s high-visibility, too — perfect for twilight or later on Halloween evening.

Better yet? Swing by the office of a local construction company and see if they have any extra shirts. They’re likely to love the free publicity!

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