The Best Roll Up Shades for Your Porch

Updated: Apr. 04, 2023

Sometimes you want a little less sun beating down on your deck. A roll-up shade is an easy to way to get a break from the heat.

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Stepping outside onto your porch and soaking up a little sun is just one of the many advantages of your home’s outdoor space. But sometimes you need a break from solar rays on a hot day. There are several ways to add some shade to your deck or patio, from sails to curtains. Another great option is a roll-up shade. They are easy to install and give you flexibility to change exactly how much light gets through. It’s a quick and easy way to provide some relief from the heat or block out the sun’s rays.

A good roll-up shade also provides your outdoor lounging area with an added privacy element. A good shade will also protect your outdoor furniture from fading. They’re an easy way to upgrade your deck, and even the novice DIYer can install one.

Most outdoor shades come in a few different sizes, so there should be an option that fits your space. You can also have them customized. Search for local retailers specializing in shades and blinds or check out major retailers like The Home Depot and Lowe’s.

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Coolaroo Shade
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Coolaroo Exterior Roll Shade

Don’t let the lightweight polyethylene material and aluminum rails fool you. These shades are durable and can stand up to an afternoon storm resisting mold and mildew. They filter out up to 90 percent of UV radiation, and range in size from 4’x 6’ to 8’ x 8’. They’re available in seven different colors, so there’s bound to be a shade to fit your space. Just use the removeable crank—no cords or chains—to raise and lower them when you need a break from the heat.

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Reed Shade
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Radiance Roll-up Reed Shade

The natural styling of this reed shade is the perfect element for any outdoor haven. Tiny gaps between the reeds allow just enough light through to give your space a warm glow, while still keeping the sun at bay. They’re easy to clean, and installation is a breeze. The cocoa-colored shades come in three sizes.

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Coolaroo Remote Shade
via Coolaroo

Coolaroo Motorized Exterior Roller Shade

Motorized shades aren’t a necessity to give your hot spot some sun protection, but you and your guests will appreciate the convenience of rolling it up, down or adjusting with the push of a button. The Coolaroo Motorized shade comes with a solar panel that provides the power. You don’t have to fret over proximity to an outlet or require the services of a professional electrician to install. It also blocks 95 percent of UV light.

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Side Awning Overstock
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Outsunny Retractable Side Awning

Like a shade, except it mounts to the side of your house (or other structure). It unfurls to provide a barrier from the sun and wind while giving your backyard sitting area some extra privacy. It’s obviously handy if there’s nothing above to mount a shade to. The Outsunny Side Awning is an easy to pull out UV-blocking screen made from the durable aluminum housing. And it rolls back gently when you’re ready to put it away.

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Bamboo Shade
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TJ Global Bamboo Roll-Up Shade

Made from long-lasting, high-quality natural bamboo, the TJ Global sun shade can work indoors and outdoors. The corded roll-up shade is easy to install and blocks the sun to keep you shaded without blotting out the light entirely. The bamboo material is best for dryer environments. It’s available in seven different sizes to fit any space.

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